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Travel Guide to Seychelles

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Seychelles is a remote paradise island that lies near to Kenya and includes more than 110 small islands. You will find some awe feelings with the carnivals and celebrations you witness on the island streets.

The whole land gets immersed in vibrant colors, and the rate of pollution is comparatively low. If you want to get a peace of mind amid greenery, then this 'Virgin' island will be a perfect choice. Make your travel preparation with the essential tips, and here we go.

Currency in Seychelles

The official currency of Seychelles is Rupee and gets divided into 100 cents. The code is SCR. It is the smallest country in the world that has its monetary policy. Many local shops and vendors do accept USD and Euros, but the better way will be money exchange for the best travel experience.

The paper notes come in the denominations of 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500. The coins come with 5 and 1 rupee along with the cents.

Credit Cards and ATMs

All credit cards are accepted in Seychelles. If you are intended to do some business in the country, then the best choice will be a credit card.

ATMs are available shopping centers and banks. It will provide regional currency.

Currency Restrictions

There is no restriction for the import and export of foreign currency in Seychelles. You can bring as much foreign money you need. But once you go out of the country, you can take few Seychelles money as a souvenir, but if it exceeds 2000, then you won't get the permission.

Money Exchange in Seychelles

In the airport, you can find the money exchange centers, but they usually offer a low rate. You can also go with the ATM to receive the local money. Most shops and hotels will accept Euro, but it is not advisable since you will lose a vast amount.

Next better option is with the money exchange centers. Before making the deal, ask about the rate and be alert that it is an authorized dealer.

Many centralized banks also offer money exchange. Choose wisely to avoid fraudulent activities.

How to get Seychelles Visa?

This country is Visa-Free. You can directly take the flight ticket and can reach there. In the airport, you will get a visitor's permit issued by the state. It will give by considering specific criteria, including:

  • He should own a passport with minimum 6 months validity.

  • He should have the return flight ticket.

  • He should have the details regarding the hotel and the accommodation he has booked.

  • He should have a minimum of $150 or equivalent.

You can stay up to 30 days with these documents. In the airport, you will be monitored for your belongings too. All the tobacco products, drugs, weapons are not allowed.

Safety Tips in Seychelles

Use modest wear: The people in Seychelles have a liberal mentality, yet they follow proper clothing habit. Exposing a lot in public will make unwanted attention. In the beaches, you can go in swimming suits. But the places which get crowded needs more focus on the clothing.

Never have a huge bunch of money: It is a must-do tip in every country, especially to tiny islands. The total density of population is decidedly less in, and you will enter into abounded places. So it is not safe to keep a large quantity of liquid money with you. Keep in mind that 'Precaution is always better than cure.'

Never exploit the pure nature of Seychelles: While traveling through the island, you will find a peace of mind with the unpolluted air and land. The natives and the government preserve it. You are the guests there and never make it polluted. Throwing plastic and other wastes anywhere on the island is illegal. Also, picking up the sea-shells is prohibited, since it is the natural habitat of crabs.

Never consider this island as a usual tourist spot. If you pick up a flower or something, you should register it to take back home. Everything you need to take out of the country should get an export permit!

Avoid unlicensed hotels: Hotels that don't have permission for tourist stay offers cheap rate. Never get into their trap. Before booking the hotel, do make queries on the license and whereabouts.

Never go with unlicensed dealers: In the money exchange, never go with the locals. People in your hotel may offer money exchange, even for an emergency never make deals with them. The law on the island is a little harsh, and if you caught with any fraudulent activities, you would definitely suffer.

Beware of the massive sun rays: It is not just a joke. Seychelles lies near to the equator, and hence the intensity of the sunrays are ridiculously high. Whenever you go out, never forget to apply top SPF sunscreens. Sudden changes in the weather is another concern. The intensity of the sun rays may get varied with the sea current. So always be prepared with your precautions.

Understand the native people: This island is occupied by a race of people who don't want to get over-interacted with the tourists. While traveling, respect their customs and traditions and never get immersed in their personal life. Also, if you get an invitation to visit their settlements, grab the opportunity and greet them well.

Best time to visit

Seychelles is a tropical island that lies on the coast of Africa. The land and the sea hide some magical features. Year all round, the island gets attracted by the tourists, but let's discuss some precise period.

January to March

It accommodation and even is considered as the off-season on the island, but if you want to explore the hatching time of Hawksbill turtles, you are at the right time. Join the turtle monitoring programs and make a stay in the hotel near the beach. As it is off-season, you will get the best price for accommodation and travel.


The Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria and the Creole Festival conducts in April, and you can see colorful floats in the roads. The climate will be warm with mild sea current and winds. So you can quickly get into the diving activities. For the bird watchers, this clear sky will be boon. April is also considered as the off-season on the island so that you will save some money, again!

May to August

During these months, the island will get crowded with the tourists. The climate gets a soothing phase, so scuba diving and jungle adventures become comfortable. But you should book for hotel and air tickets a few months before.


It is the period of Round Table Beau Vallon Regatta, which is a cultural festival on the island. It involves yacht races and live musical performances. Towards the end of September, surfing gets closed, and it kicks to start the whale shark sightings.

Diving and surfing along with the sharks are possible, and if you are interested in adventurous activities, September is the right time.

October To December

It is the nesting season for Hawksbill turtles. If you are a keep enthusiast in flora and fauna, then December will be a perfect choice. Towards the New Year, more tourists will gather for the celebration.

How to buy a Coco De Mer from Seychelles?

Coco De Mer palm is endangered ancient palm tree that produces extremely huge nuts that weight around 70 pounds. Once you visit Seychelles, you should buy one, since you can't find it anywhere else in the world.

It is available in some exotic hotels and dedicated places. Once you buy it, make sure that you got the receipt with government seal and export license. Without these documents, you can't get out of the country with 'Coco De Mer.'

Seychelles describes a true paradise with clearest blue water and white sand. All around the year, the island is a top destination for the tourists. Make an itinerary to include all the attractions and activities in this little island. Prepare yourself with the tips for a safe journey through Seychelles.

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