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Working Tips for Digital Nomad Parents

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Digital nomads are people, described as “digital” because they make their living by working online and using digital technology via wifi and Internet, and “nomads” because they travel about the world. Perhaps such a person travels in order to work for a client or perhaps to look for work? Anyhow, the priority is always finding a good balance between parenting and working. There is an increasing number of workers adopting this as a lifestyle, but what are some working tips for digital nomad parents of the modern world?

Finding work

The digital nomad way of life offers a lot of flexibility as to when and where you work. As long as there is wifi and access to the Internet you can work from more or less wherever you are. For example, if you are a writer and get paid for blog articles, as long as you have a suitable computing device, such as a laptop or a tablet, and online access, then you can get your work done, allowing, of course, for your employer’s deadlines. This can help increase time spent at home with your kids, so it can be an ideal choice for a parent. You can look for work anywhere, as long as the company you are going to work for is happy with remote workers. There are online job boards, such as Problogger, where you can look for jobs that would suit a digital nomad. Many technology companies in Silicon Valley employ remote workers, so this is where a digital nomad might find work and be able to do it from another part of the world.

Popular Locations for Digital Nomads


Although you do not have to worry about where you are working from and being able to travel, you still have to think about your kids. Taking your kids can be challenging, but also full of adventures and a very rewarding experience overall. Your children will learn various languages and they will be worldly from an early age. You can save money by renting somewhere to stay in a part of the world where rents and the cost of living is low. There are a number of locations that have attracted digital nomads for this reason. Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, the island of Bali and Vietnam are all popular places with those who have adopted the digital nomad way of life.

Short-term accommodation

Because a digital nomad does not have to stay in a particular place long, they often rent short-term accommodation. This could be an apartment hostel or hotel. Digital nomads often attend conferences and other large events, to participate or to write a report as a journalist who works online. Hotels offering day rooms can be very useful for a digital nomad who is only in a city for a day because they are attending such an event but still need somewhere private to relax in between lectures, workshops and meetings. An easy way to find this sort of accommodation is to book a day use hotel via This way you can also make sure your kids have a comfortable place to stay while you are busy working.



Vandwelling is another modern lifestyle in which, as the term suggests, a van or other vehicle is used as a place to live, and it can also be used to get from one place to another. It is used by many digital nomads because it provides accommodation and an easy means of travelling around. In most of them you can install small beds for children with seat buckles, so while your kids are sleeping, you can drive to a new location. Once they wake up, it is time to discover yet another exciting location for them.

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