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5 Tips For Families Traveling to Malaysia

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Penang is a truly fascinating and beautiful destination that can offer tourists of all ages an exhilarating holiday experience. When planning a family vacation to Penang Malaysia it is important that you are aware about all the tricks that go into saving money and making your holiday experience a memorable one.

Penang is the tropical state of Malaysia which comprises Penang Island with neighboring portion of mainland and holidaymakers often include this island in their list when planning a trip to Malaysia, owing to its family friendly attractions, beach side resort towns and historic and bustling state Capitol, Georgetown. So, let us have a look at the things to do in Penang for families and also get some ideas where to find best holiday homes and rooms that are safe and affordable.

Tip One – Finding Family Rooms and Accommodation in Penang

When travelling with family, it is often suggested to book your hotels and rooms in advance instead of preferring to travel on-the fly. It is strongly recommended that you book online for rooms in Penang or prefer to rent a safe vacation home at affordable price, especially if you are travelling with family for longer duration. There are many places for accommodation in Penang that are safe and affordable for you. You will find accommodation of every style, at all prices, ranging from backpacker hostels to luxury 5 Star Hotels to affordable vacation homes for rent.

Tip Two – Planning for Couchsurfing

Visitors and vacationers to Malaysia are now planning for Couchsurfing as it is the latest trend amongst the vacationers. This is the type of accommodation which helps people to save money and also experience the homely feel. Couchsurfing is the community that provides places for rent to vacationers who need safe accommodation for rent during their visit. The vacationers can also select a host in Penang and Rent a Safe Vacation Room for their stay.

Tip Three – Opt for Travel Package to Save Money

Planning a vacation in Penang with family would demand for spending huge sum of money and the amount may simply add up for accommodation, sightseeing, hotel rooms and flights. So, people who are wise and smart often prefer to opt for the holiday packages with a travel portal. There are many popular travel websites that offer you the facility to choose a tour package as per your budget and preferences and get the opportunity to select packages with your budget.

Tip Four – Shopping for Family

Remember, Penang is the Tropical Island with many shopping hubs and it is necessary that you look for the best places from where shopping can be done. If not necessary then don’t purchase from the markets of Penang as they are expensive compared to other states of the nation. Visitors must explore all the sights and attractions that Penang has to offer and do their shopping from the Capitol Town.

Tip Five – Other Tips to Save Money

  • First step to save money is to convert your home currency into Malaysian Ringgit, just compare your countries exchange rate with Penang's exchange rate to get the best deal.
  • Sightseeing across Penang should be done through cabs as they are the cheaper means of transportation in this island. There are coupon codes available that can be used while hiring cab services and save some money on your rides.
  • For using internet one can find plentiful internet shops, which are much cheaper than the internet facility provided by guest houses or hotels. Some hotels and coffee shops also provide free wifi.
  • No need to buy any bottled drinking water they will cost you a lot, there are lots of hotels and guest houses which offers you distilled water, so here you can enjoy filtered water without any cost.

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