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Freedom to Drop the 9-5, Live and Work on our Terms

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My partner and I waiting at the airport before our next flight

Freedom to Drop the 9-5, Live and Work on our Terms

A few years ago, I was working a 9-5 job, at a digital marketing agency. This is a typical role, although I'd just been promoted to an SEO Executive, so I was particularly happy!

Not only was my personal life progressing, since I'd just met my current partner, but my career was too, what more could I want?.... Time!

The main issue was simply that it took over 1 hour to commute to work, and thus 1 hour on the way back, which meant that by the time I got home, once I'd had tea and done some daily chores, it was already time for bed...

Slowly as months progressed, I started to get down about this, and I turned to going out at the weekend as my reprieve, not only this, but my lifestyle wasn't necessarily conducive to my health, nor my finances.

Not only this, but I'd started to read more online, trying to see if I was the only one who had felt this disengagement with the status quo, and after reading posts like's "4 Signs You're Just Not Cut Out for the 9-to-5 Life" I realized that I wasn't alone.

Something had to change... And it did!

I gave my notice in!

I decided, there has to be something more than the 9-5 career, and if there was, I was going to be the one to find it.

And like that, one might say I become an digital nomad.

And not just that, I was going to live on the other side of the world, in Chiang Mai Thailand, whilst pursuing this lifestyle.

So I moved over to Chiang Mai and began working online.

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I began using the skills that I had acquired whilst working at the digital marketing agency, and I created my own blog, TheMarketingVibe, in which I review SEO services and software, an example of some of the latest reviews I created for the website is a review of The Hoth X SEO Packages and a review of the best enterprise & agency rank trackers.

Now, it took a few months to start building the blog up, but now it's self-sustaining, and allows for myself and my partner (who also decided to leave her job) to travel around the world and live the life that we truly want.

What's next for us?

Well, we're at the stage in our life where we would ideally like to settle down in Thailand (I didn't mention that my partner is a native Thai), and so that's the next step for us.

We've even been talking about the possiblity of childen in the near future.

It's safe to say that I've fallen in love with Thailand, and I'd do almost anything to stay here!

Then again, who can blame me, just look at the images!

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Chiang Mai, Day Light, Festival, Clifford, Loy Krathong

For those too who may want to pursue the same digital nomad lifestyle that we do, I highly suggest taking a look at the resources below:

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