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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

To the stranger who shook her head at me and my kids

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Hey, you!

Yes, I am talking to you – the woman who shook her head at me or maybe my kids or perhaps all four of us.

Did our presence irritate you?

I sure do apologize, but also suggest that if you get aggravated that quickly, maybe you should just stay home.

I am not sure what we did that was so offensive, but apparently, you get frustrated easily and my Sunday morning Publix trip with all three youngsters was more than you could handle.

Listen, I’m not daft: I get it. I understand that rambunctious, loud-talking, whiney, excitable, aimlessly-walking, chatterboxes are the last thing you want to deal with on your precious weekend morning, but oh well.


The truth is that honestly, at times, my children are more than I can handle and sometimes I don’t want to “deal” with them either – but guess what?

Somebody handled and dealt with you when you were little, just like they handled and dealt with me, and just like I will manage and deal with my own.

Where strangers get off shaking their head at me for my children merely being children is flabbergasting.

It would be one thing if my children were rude. Nope, they weren’t.

It would be one thing if their antics injured you. Nope, you are still in one piece.

It would be one thing if my children were using bad language for all to hear. But, nope, this momma didn’t raise any potty mouths.

It would be one thing if my children were blatantly or even subtly disrespectful to you. They weren’t – not in the least.

The last thing that my child or I deserve when none of us are seemingly doing anything other than being the ordinary, imperfect, cooky, but very happy family that we are — is a headshake.

Stop shaking your head at kids being kids and the moms trying to reign that sh*t in.

Stop shaking your head at my child’s rendition of “I lost my poor meatball."

Stop shaking your head at the twirl that came next to you without due warning.

Stop shaking your head when my child tells you she just pooped.

Stop shaking your head when see me ignore the crazy.

Stop shaking your head when you see me join in on the crazy.

Just stop shaking your head.

And, if you really can’t help yourself, well, then save the headshakes for those that have earned them — the crude children or the clueless parents.

The thing that gets so very frustrating for so many average, hardworking, loving, and tired parents is the invalid and wrongly-placed judgement that unfairly gets put upon them by the grumps of the world: and for that reason, I’m shaking my head at all of you grouches.

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