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Great Jobs for Your Gen Z Kid

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Over the past few years, Millennials have been the center of attention in the workplace. Now closing in on them is Generation Z, the newest generation of workers to join the workforce. This generation will constitute a fifth of all workers by 2021.

Defining Gen Z

Variously described as individuals born after 1995 or 1998, Gen Z came of age after being touched by some traumatic events, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 2008 financial crisis. It should come as no surprise, then, that Gen Zers are more focused on security than the generation that precedes them.

Generation Z also has different ideas about the workplace, careers, and working philosophy. They are more competitive and independent than Millennials, although they do share that generation’s penchant for multitasking and entrepreneurialism. Gen Z is the first true digital native generation, but its members crave face-to-face communication.

If you have Gen Z kids, then you may be pondering how to direct them onto a career path that is right for them. Here are some ideas for great jobs that fit their work style and perspective.

Freelance Sales Professional

Being a sales professional provides a way to satisfy that need for face-to-face interaction, while still delivering opportunities for leadership, service, and personal development.

Gen Zers like to get something for what they do and put their competitive spirit to work. Vector’s sales professionals get a commission for every product demonstration they do, whether the customer buys or not. This rewards competitive hustle at the same time that it takes some of the pressure off. Salespeople can relax and focus on each customer interaction, a result that benefits everyone.

The company also understands that this generation likes to work more independently. That's why it hires sales professionals on a freelance basis. Working as independent contractors, they have control over their schedules and can design each work day to fit their life.

Environmental Engineer

While politicians continue to debate the state of our environment, someone has to uncover more innovative ways to ensure we sustain the environment for generations to come long after we and our Gen Z kids are gone. Because they like to solve issues and look at existing problems in new ways, Gen Zers would find this type of job appealing.

In addition, their exposure to technology and level of comfort with data provide a framework for Gen Zers to enjoy an analytical job like this one. Besides, they still get to interact with people and work on an issue that truly matters. For a generation that wants to make a difference, this is an ideal career path.

App Developer

As true digital natives, many Gen Zers are accustomed to working on the development of software. They’ve grown up programming games and attended classes and camps that taught them how to code.

Plus, apps are practically all they know when it comes to buying, playing, and researching. It’s what they use to store their money, reward points, and other information. Therefore, it makes sense that they could make a career out of designing apps for all types of industries and needs.

As app developers, they can put their digital skills to work while still doing something to benefit people’s lives. It doesn’t hurt that app developer jobs pay extremely well and that there is significant growth potential for this career path.

Cloud Computing Technologist

What is so incredible for Gen Zers as they begin entering the workforce is that there are literally new job titles and positions appearing every day that appeal to their digital upbringing. Cloud computing technologist is one prime example. It’s a relevant and growing field, as more industries and companies realize the benefits of adding cloud computing to their platforms and apps.

Responsibilities for this job typically include designing, configuring, and delivering various types of cloud infrastructure environments. This allows Gen Zers to be creative and technical at the same time, while also working with a team of like-minded individuals. There is an opportunity to work on all types of cloud computing models, including those for the private and public sector.

Not only is this a career path that pays well, but it also provides a way to move from one industry to another, which may heighten its appeal to Gen Zers.

So Many New Career Paths for Gen Z

There are now so many jobs that were not even around a decade ago. These include positions like data miner, social media manager, influencer marketer, user experiencer developer, and more. Plus, the freelancer economy continues to grow rapidly, providing the perfect environment for Gen Zers to move into that entrepreneurial environment they enjoy so much.

Finally, more schools and institutions of higher learning are shifting their curricula to support the discovery of a career that aligns with personality, interest, and the desire to make a difference, thus giving your Gen Zer numerous opportunities to truly enjoy their work lives.

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