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Alliance University professor captures the trial and tribulations of the millennials with his book ‘The Life of Y

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The 2016 Millennial Survey conducted by Delloite alarms companies across the globe, stating that a majority of millennial workers are likely to change their companies by 2020; while India ranks third, where the probability of millennial workers opting for a job change is maximum. The survey also points to the fact that this lack of loyalty may be a sign of neglect that millennials might be facing in their organizations.


Debashish Sengupta, Professor at Alliance Business School, Alliance University, and Program Director at Alliance Ascent College, Alliance University, believes that the common perception about millennials is quite different from reality. Often known as ‘Generation Y’ or simply ‘Gen Y’, millennials are a misunderstood lot. They are often brushed aside by previous generations as lazy, entitled, or ones who lack work ethics or loyalty. Prof Sengupta aims to bring millennials out of their woe of being misapprehended, through his book ‘The Life of Y’.

During a radio interview with Radio Mirchi 95 FM RJ Jimmy, Prof Sengupta talked about various reasons as to why more and more millennials feel dissatisfied and disengaged with their work-life balance. “In a nation like India, where by 2021, 64% of the population will be in the working age group of 20-35, companies must ill afford the existing poor ways to manage the millennial generation,” he said.

Prof Debashish Sengupta added further, “The fact is that most of the organizational designs are obsolete and do not match with the behavior, mindset or aspirations of the new generation. Companies need to urgently revisit and transform their organizational designs to engage the millennials. It is urgent, imperative and key to sustainability and survival.”

The Alliance University Professor also gave some insights about his book during the interview. “Through ‘Life of Y’, I have attempted to create a deep empathy for the millennials. The book is a result of my extensive research that spans almost a decade. It dives deep into the life of Generation Y and seeks to create an unbiased understanding about this generation. I sincerely hope that my work would help exploding the perceptual myths and stereotypes about the Gen Y,” said Prof Sengupta. ‘The Life of Y’, which is set to release on 26 November 2017, suggests a new strategy to engage with the millennial generation in the workplace and marketplace in particular, and the society in general. It provides a consultative guidance to engage millennials seeking to replace old models and designs of engagement

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