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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

Girl, I'm not perfect either

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Here's what it means to me when you say, "Girl, I'm not perfect either."

It means that I can drop the act.

That I can stop trying so hard.

That I can let go of trying to be you and embrace being me.

The ridiculously flawed, but hopefully endearingly authentic semi-weird, but optimistically kind of magical woman of a human that I am.

And, my gosh, girl, that's so freakin' freeing.

To be able to say "Girl, I'm not perfect either" to one another and to wholeheartedly know that such an honest declaration is anything but bull, but is a pronouncement that binds us as a sisterhood.

"Girl, I'm not perfect either."

I, too, left dishes in the sink last night and am sitting on my a** right now drinking my coffee instead of doing them.

I, too, am so behind on laundry but am not making it a priority for today.

I, just like you, need to Marie Kondo the fudge out of my house and life but continue to live amongst the clutter because who has got time for that

I, like you, could stand to lose 5 - 10 or more pounds.

I, too, am still going to scarf down froyo tonight with my kids.

I yell, and so do you.

I pray that I can stop, and so do you.

I have big dreams, as do you.

I know that, truthfully, I'm living many a woman's dream, and so do you.

You see, we are a lot more alike than you think, but if neither of us ever says, "Girl, I'm not perfect either," we'll always inaccurately assume the other is, that we're supposed to be, and that we're not.

So drop the act, 'cause I am too, and instead let's be unpolished, faultering, semi-foolishly confident, self and other-forgiving women who count on and champion one another one empathetic and supportive comment at a time.

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