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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

When Parenting Sends you Running for Cover!

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I am a teacher and my husband is an attorney, and honestly every night we dread homework. Sometimes we've argued big time about who will help our son do it because neither one of us wants to use our brain anymore for the day. Go ahead judge us! But guess what? We're human!

Often I 'll call my friend, who is also a teacher and complain about all the math homework my son has, she'll vent about the social studies project hers has to do, then we joke, feel better and life goes on.

It's called support!!

In my group of friends we have this basic understanding, we're all doing the best we can and we try not to judge each other.

Judging? How about supporting?

Parenthood is hard and whoever says it's easy is a big liar.

I personally love to see a kid throwing a big fit in the checkout line over candy! I love it because it makes me feel better. It means that someone else is having to deal with real life; their life is not perfect. I feel for them and I get it. In that moment I'm not judging;I'm just glad it's not me!

Whoever has it all together needs to raise their hand because I don't ,and according to my friends they don't either.

My friends are always there when I've reached my mommy breaking point and frankly I don't know what I'd done all these years without them!! They've calmed me down many times after my daughter took a permanent marker to our walls, spilled my new red fingernail polish all over our carpet and accidentally head butted me in the nose.

Most mornings I never cook breakfast (that's why Pop Tarts were invented,right?)our house usually looks like a tornado has hit it after our normal morning rush ,and if my son has matching socks on going out the door, it's a miracle-and that's only the start of our day!!!

Who makes casseroles anymore anyway? If we eat dinner( in between fitness class, ballet and cheer practice) regardless if it's at home or not, I call that a win!

As a mom of four, I have learned that each child has different needs as do all kids!

Does you child need private, public or home school? That's your choice and no one else's. Do you allow your child to watch "Spongebob"(my kids quote him), consider a Hershey Bar a good afternoon snack (chocolate is from cocoa beans and beans are good for you),or make them go to bed before nine o'clock(we're lucky to be home by then some nights)? Again,your choice . It's not my right to tell you what your child needs and you're sure not going to tell me.What works for one child won't work for the next. So, we need to support each other with our choices and realize we're all on the same team.

At the end of the day, I'm doing the best I can and loving them the best I know how, and I realize as parents, most of us are. Basically we're all trying to raise kids to do the "Right" thing. That's why we need to support one another as much as we can.

Support! It's all about support in this parent thing! We have to have each others backs!

So, if you see me staring at you when your kid is having a meltdown in the toy aisle, I promise I'm not judging you. I'll probably smile and nod my head ,not because I think you're a bad parent because I get it. You can buy him the toy or not-either way I have your back. We're all in this together!

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