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What Parents Most Want From Teachers

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1. Be nice.
Absolutely, the most important quality is kindness. Be the one that smiles, offers a friendly greeting each morning and makes every child feel adored.

2. Be consistent.
You know, not like us, running hot and cold depending on our crazy home life. Nobody’s perfect, but little people rely on your classroom as a safe space.

3. Be honest.
We quite appreciate guidelines that specifically tell us what role we should play as classroom parent.

4. Be organized.
Having knowledge of when homework is due, test days, a weekly schedule keeps us on the ball, especially if we are gone for work and need to relay instructions.

5. Teach our children to be organized.
Last year, my oldest son came home with labeled folders and homework directions neatly written out in his planner each night and it was so awesome.

6. Ask for help.
We want to help and don't be scared to tell us what you need. Just ask us and we will do our best because we appreciate your work so much.

7. Don't hesitate to call or text.
My child claims they are sick, but doesn't have a fever? Call me, I can sniff out a faker from quite a distance. An update during rest time on my special needs three year old leaves me filled with gratitude.

8. There is never too much communication.
I am so thankful to get a head’s up on a school event- funny, embarrassing or hurt feelings. Our principal called to tell me that my son had announced, on school wide television mind you, that his kindergarten brother ate cat food. It was a relief to prepare for the bus disembarking that fateful afternoon.

9. Be a friend.
Some of my most favorite people are the teachers who offered friendship and their friendship has been invaluable.

10. Believe in us.
We're not perfect, but we're trying and if someone shows up with the same shirt from yesterday, we likely noticed too. We are picking our battles and this parenting thing is tough, almost as tough as teaching.

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