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Challenge: Walking the Talk

Children are brave, and I pray to God they stay that way

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This young fella caught a lizard this morning.

This five-year-old rockstar of a boy walked into his elementary school, sans mommy, for his first day of ‘goodbye’ at the entrance gate.

This exquisite child is BRAVE, and I pray to God he stays that way for his whole life.

The thing about getting older, is you become more scared of things.

You’d suspect it would be the inexperienced young people who operate from a place of trepidation, — and for some, that’s true — but more often than not kids are fearless, or even more impressive, they are scared as heck BUT DO IT ANYWAY.

For me, my thirties have brought about this new found confidence and belief and trust in myself. That being said, as I’ve gotten older I’ve also become a lot more anxious, worrying about everything; things under my control and even the stuff that isn’t.

My young sir caught a lizard this morning.

He plotted his stealth approach and executed.

A few minutes later, with dirty, lizard-touched hands, my five-year-old main man walked into his elementary school without me in tow.

He did both effortlessly and without distress, because he can do hard things.

All kids can.

And, when he does things that challenge him, he inspires me do the same.

Please stay brave, child.

It is your courageousness that will serve you in so many aspects for the rest of your life.

And, for us adults, let’s go out into the world like a child not afraid to grab a lizard or walk confidently towards opportunities to better our future.

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