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Blogging Tips for Newbie Dads

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There is nothing more rewarding in life than recording your experience as a new father. Blogging is certainly one of the most revolutionary components of the Internet. It allows as a person to convey information about themselves, products, services, or the world around them however they see fit.

However, if you're a going to write a blog, you should definitely read up on some of these blogging tips for men first. Here are some blogging tips that can get you a wide following for your efforts.

Be yourself

No one likes to read a blog that sounds unnatural or boring. Let your personality show through! The more unique you are, the more your blog will stand out. A friend of mine started his blog with a very static format.

He would relay information about what had happened at work, and what he did afterwards, but he gave no details, and the read was very boring. After he started inserting opinions about what had happened in the workplace, or descriptions of his nights out on the town, his readership doubled! As far as mens blog tips go, keeping it interesting is one of the most important things you can do.

Be consistent

When you first start blogging, you'll probably be so excited about the project that you'll faithfully update your little corner of the Internet. However, as time goes on, and things come up, it's easy for your blog to fall by the wayside.

DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN! If you stop writing for a week, you may lose the interest of your readers, and potential new readers. On top of that, blogging is often cathartic, so you're probably not doing yourself any favors by slacking off. Set aside a certain amount of time every day to write a post- even if it's short.

Promote the most selling items

Lately, ads are a lucrative way for many folks to get some additional bucks. By suggesting these products to your readers (and they buy them), you will get something small in return. You can as well start up an affiliate website to market some of the products your male friends are in need of.

Be careful

Did your mother ever tell you not to write anything down that you wouldn't want to read in the newspaper? Unless you set your security preferences to the contrary, your blog can be read by everyone and anyone.

This means that, if you're not cautious, your very personal life could become public in a heartbeat. This could have major implications for your employment, especially if your boss reads that embarrassing description of his bald spot, or if your boyfriend finds out about your exploits at the bar.

Solution? Code names. Use pet names to keep the personal details of your life safe, while still entertaining your readers. This is one of those blogging tips that may seem at odds with everything else you've learned, but it's finding a balance between openness and privacy that will get you where you need to be.

Blogging can be a great experience, but you've got to think before you write. Keep these blogging tips in mind, and you'll do just fine!

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