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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

My Mom Helped me to Write an Essay

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Writers, bloggers, affiliates, novelists and columnists and writing professions vary, but are you able to distinguish them? I'm not good at product reviews, but I have my own ideas. I like to imagine, but I think the hurdles are high for writing novels. Such a person can be said to be a good columnist and essayist. Because I can say that I am such a person. The essay is on my skin as I send myself through the text. I feel like that and continue writing essays. What is an essay? First, an essay is a story. The essay is a prose written in a free form, usually over a theme. When you are free, you tend to think harder. As I mentioned earlier, essayists are different from writers, bloggers and novelists. It is not good or bad, but a different profession. I'll explain that below. Writer

I am the most rough. Copywriters, scenario writers, and people who write interview articles are also writers. writer. Since it is a writer, none of them seem to be wrong. Blogger

A person who writes a blog. A person who writes a diary on a blog or who writes articles introducing products and works. People who provide knowledge and information on blogs. Affiliate

People who make money by introducing products and works. Some are mixed with bloggers, but rather affiliates rather than writers. Novelist A novel writer. A person who expresses a story by writing. the work. Columnist It is easiest to mix with essayists, but there is generally no distinction between a columnist and an essay writer. However, it is clearly divided in me. How to be an essayist

1. Determine the number of characters First of all, you have to be aware that the essay is a "sentence to read". Therefore, the number of characters is an important point when writing essays. I don't feel like reading if there are tens of thousands of characters in a complete essay. If this is a paper medium such as a book, you may have time to read the essay. But when it comes to posting on the web, the story changes. When waiting for a train, commuting to school, time to boil cup noodles, or use in the toilet. I think most of the cases are read during such a gap time. The reader doesn't bother having time to read his essay unless he is a strong fan.

2. Decide rules An essay is an essay, that is, a text written in a free form, but if you decide on the rules, it will be a text as a work. Minimum rules for writing sentences ・ Clarify the first person ・ Eliminate typographical errors

3. Decide the platform When you write an essay, it's hard to write a book unless you're a great celebrity. So writing on the web is fundamental.

4. Deepen your thoughts on a daily basis Writing an essay is not difficult at all. However, continuing to write an essay requires training. Like writing habits, you have to do things that keep producing. One theme is how deeply you can delve into your experience, knowledge and philosophy. That requires training.


5. Write even if you can't write That said, there are times when you can't write without a story. At that time, move your finger in front of the PC and watch. Warm-ups often bring together thoughts, even for writing that doesn't work well.

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