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​5 Signs That Blogging May Damage Your Marriage

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Blogging is fun and it has become the new form of putting information out there. While many professional bloggers write about a consistent topic, others discuss everything about their lie to a smattering of audiences. Similarly, most people have turned blogging into a platform where they can offer solutions in overcoming stress, fear, depression, and many other mental difficulties or even simply use post to make their paper written. Some bloggers love to express themselves on blogs by sharing everything that is happening in their life. While this may be a good way to connect with your audience, it is may also lead to some constraints especially in your marriage.

While everyone knows that marriage is a breeze, not many people realize that blogging may be the cause of a significant chunk of problems in their personal life. Blogging is linked with social media which makes it even worse. According to a report by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in 2010, social media propelled about 81 percent of divorce cases.

That said, here are some signs that blogging may ruin your marriage. Some can be obvious, but if you recognize them, it’s a sign for changes.

  • You write about EVERYTHING in your life

Readers can connect easily will a blogger who shares everything in their life including their failures. While blogging can be a wonderful outlet for conversation, guest posts or blogs, it can be a downright bore if you over exaggerate what you write especially on your life.

People can like a story about pants or torn socks and any other related stories about your partner’s fail. But, if the partner doesn’t share your attitude to expose them out there, it’s better not to tell such stories on the internet. You may succeed in getting the people to visit your blog, but it could ruin your relationship with your partner. So, before posting everything, ask your partner if they are comfortable if you share their story on the internet.

  • You have a greater interest in other people.

When it comes to blogging, networking can be the best way to grow your audience especially if you intend to turn your blogging into a money making endeavor. But most people end up being carried away by spending a lot of time commenting and watching other blogs, while your partner is left to fend for themselves emotionally. If they realize you ignore their emotional feelings and spend much time on your blog while satisfying the interest of other people, you can expect arguments, unfaithfulness, and many other problems. Balancing the two will allow you to have time for your blogging and share beautiful moments with your spouse.

  • You don’t enjoy being together

Before, you used to enjoy going together for shopping, fun activities, events, and so on. But this habit has been replaced with avoiding doing things together. Perhaps you find satisfaction in spending quality discussions on blogs or watching the news on the internet. It could be that you don’t have “time alone” as a priority on your to-do list. If you don’t have time for yourself then it means you have little time for your partner. This can be a great setback for your marriage.

  • You often miss-communicate over the small things.

Yes, the small things. Most people are focused on achieving great things and it becomes easy to agree on doing the big achievements such as buying your dream house, paying the mortgage, sending your kid to school, buying a car, going on a holiday etc. But, it’s usually the small things that trip up us up. Making an important phone call, remembering an important date on a calendar, paying the bills, fulfilling a commitment you made to help your partner with something, and the list is long.

These small things may seem unimportant but they end up developing into one big communication issue. It is common to disagree on these issues between partners and it can turn to an awful experience that may cause problems in your marriage. Fulfilling the small things will keep your marriage in check and bring back the spark.

  • You’re not connecting emotionally, spiritually, or physically

Marriage has its ups and downs. The good news is that the physical and emotional disconnection in marriage is not one of the major signs that your relationship is over. The bad news is that if the disconnection is prolonged, it can lead to more serious problems in the end.

Blogging may take much time and sometimes, it is common to find yourself emotionally detached from your partner. The worse that can happen is if you are so much consumed in blogging that you forget to fulfill the physical and emotional needs of your partner. If the connection is lacking, you start arguing and there is a lot of mistrust. This is unhealthy for a relationship and there is a high chance your marriage is slowly coming to an end.

If you find yourself struggling with these signs, your marriage may be on the rocks, but remember that all married couples are faced with a lot of difficulties. The only way to overcome this is to find a balance between your blogging and your partner. They are both important.


While blogging is a new form of journaling events for some who are eager to put their thoughts on the internet for anyone to read, it has its benefits and downside. This article has highlighted some of the damage blogging could bring to your marriage.

If some of these points refer to you, or you’ve realized that some of these are happening in your marriage, stop now and seek help. It is important that you take action at this stage to prevent another crisis or break up in your marriage. Often many couples dismiss the signs (as we’ve already seen) which may lead to a bigger crisis, or worse- irreparable damage. You don’t want to be a victim of a broken marriage, so patch up things and make your relationship healthy again.

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