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5 Tips to Craft Impressive Personal Essays on Adoption with an Example

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Adoption is a legal procedure which introduces many orphans to their foster parents. It not only opens up new opportunities for the child but also fulfils the wishes of the parents. These desires arise as many people want to help underprivileged children. Or, parents who can’t have children of their own can still enjoy parenthood.

In this blog, I will share an account of my experience with adoption. It will be a personal take on adoption, which you can use for essay writing. The topic can be construed as "The Challenges Faced by Non-Biological Single Father."

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up"- John Holmes.

From my youth, I had always been fascinated with the notion of “helping others” as much as I can. I enjoyed the smile on the faces of the homeless people whenever my father and I donated a charitable amount. It just lit up my day. So, I decided that when I grow up, I will take the responsibility of someone in need. And that dream came true on my 30th birthday when I adopted a 7-year old boy, Hamish.

Hamish was orphaned after his biological parents passed away in a tragic car accident. He was in foster care for three years. When I visited him for the first time, little did I know that the then 6-year-old Hamish would become my source of happiness. I took him in and slowly started bonding with him. I got him enrolled at a school close to our house, and the once recluse Hamish made several friends. He was also a quick learner and required hardly any assistance from my side.

Now, Hamish is an adolescent. He is 15, and he has been well groomed by me, as I believe. Nevertheless, there were and still are challenges that I have to deal with. Every child goes through a rebellious stage in his or her life. Of late, I find that he remains engrossed in his smartphone when he should be focused on his studies. He watches way too many horror movies that are not of my liking. And finally, I fear that the girl he is spending time with might hurt him if she decides to end the relationship.

I understand that I am an over-protective father. But how am I supposed to share my concerns? I have always refrained from being harsh to him. However, these instances are getting out of hand due to my years of permissive parenting. But I expect the worst if I disapprove his recent conducts. He is a well-behaved child. But what if he retaliates? Will I able to accept it?

How do I convey my thoughts to him subtly yet sternly? I feel that I need to be serious this time as I have already reminded him not to neglect his studies gently too many times. I hope that he would understand as it is for the sake of his future. If he pays heed to what I have to say, then he would burgeon in his career.

I believe that I need to consult with other parents to learn how they would go about this situation. And if need be, take advice from a counselor. I don’t want my son to get hurt under any circumstances. This is an important phase for him, and I will always be by his side, through thick and thin.

As you can see, this personal essay was brief but impactful. Thus, when you write personal essays, you have to keep certain things in mind. It has been stated below.

5 Tips for Presenting a Compelling Personal Essay

Let us delve straight into the guidelines.

1. Do not concoct false stories

You have to state your honest views in the essay. Otherwise, it will look fabricated, and the audience will get wind of it after they have gone through a paragraph. If you present the original version, it will be easier for you to connect the dots too.

2. Create separate paragraphs

Even if you are writing a short essay, you should create separate paragraphs, to pen down an anecdote. This improves visibility and intrigues the readers as well. However, the subject of each paragraph should be different, even if it's interlinked.

3. Infuse emotive words

Your content should evoke emotion among the readers. If you want your account to strike the right chord, include emotive words like heavenly, stupendous, appalling, disgraceful, etc. based on the context. You should also insert good transition words like nevertheless, consequently, moreover, etc.

4. Check samples

The more you read, the more you will gain insight into personal essay writing. In this regard, you should check out the samples on the sites of educational service providers. You can check out the online archives on the websites of, and, or browse through the university libraries.

5. Brush up your grammar

You must work on improving your grammatical skills. Check out the eight parts of speech, sentence construction, phrases, clause, etc. Focus on your vocabulary so that you can spice up your write-up.

If you abide by the guidelines mentioned above, you will be able to write stellar personal essays. Your teachers will be impressed with your attempt, and you will secure exemplary grades.

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