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Challenge: Raising Siblings

Worry About Yourself!

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Remember this adorable viral video? The little girl desperately tries to strap herself into her carseat, and when her dad offers to help, she barks back “Worry about yourself!” Girlfriend was on to something!

Parenting in this day and age means you are inundated with people telling you how you should raise your children and judging every decision you make. As a mom, it’s virtually impossible to make it out of toddlerhood without falling victim to the dreaded Mommy Wars. But enough is enough.

Let’s all say it together “Worry about yourself!”

Rather than keeping up with every mom on the block or taking a single side of the judgy-wudgy Mommy Wars, let’s focus on what we are doing RIGHT as Moms.

I’ve often said if I can get my kids through adulthood not marrying someone I hate or doing crystal meth, I will call this parenting gig a success; however, I have to wait a long time for that payoff. So, I’m taking the little winning moments where I can get them and focus on Motherhood: How I Know I’m Doing it Right.

  • My kids have just the right amount of unhealthy attachment– My kids love school, will happily stay with a babysitter, and will jump into any crazy inflatable jumpy thing or ball pit as soon as they lay eyes on it, but they always, always look back to make sure I'm there. Boo boos—they need me. A snuggle on the couch—me. Waking up in the middle of the night and need someone to vomit on -- always me.
  • When they get a snack or a treat, they always ask for one for their sibling- It doesn’t matter if it is a handful of crackers at home, a lollipop at the hair salon, or a balloon at a birthday party, both kids always ask to take one for the other—always. *Drops mic* *Walks off stage* My job is done here, folks.45bef46be2f1e7746f7914700b9581a83d25ed63.jpg
  • They’ve got each other’s backs - While I do not condone violence, I don’t take kindly to older kids picking on my babies. The day some older punk was pushing my gal on the playground, before I could make it over to her and go all Mamma Bear, my boy jumped off the slide, ran over to the hoodlum, and yelled in his face “Don’t touch my sister!” Pretty rad.
  • Everyone always tell me I have “happy kids”- My response is usually, “lucky you! You just missed their epic tantrum.” Truthfully, my kids are really happy. Most days you can find a sweet smile on their face. And much like their mother, they're always ready for a party (as long as you have chocolate milk and cake).
  • They have a really weird and hilarious sense of humor- My main man’s favorite joke is walking into the room announcing “Mommy, I can’t hear you. I’ve got a banana in my ear.” That one slays me and I purposely buy bananas every week just so he can tell that joke with a prop; the potassium is just an added bonus. And my gal tops every outfit with crazy sunglasses, a cowboy hat, furry boots, and a glittery tutu just to make the most mundane tasks, like eating breakfast, fabulous every day. These kids are strange little birds, and they are all mine!b7731824490ed79a61c8182658f311ee70df88b2.jpg

Friends, let me get all Oprah on you now.

Here’s what I know for sure: There is no one in this world who would do a better job of raising, loving, and caring for my son and my daughter. Just like there is no one that is a better Mom for your kids than you. So trust that and the choices you make over someone judging you for a position they are simply not qualified for.

Worry about yourself!

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