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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

The Mommy Wars. Why can’t we all mind our own dang business?

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Mommy wars are not how things are suppose to work!

One quick Google search will produce 920,000 results in .98 seconds, if you search “Mommy Wars”… Ladies this is unacceptable, we’re better than this. Instead of criticizing how each other parents, why not build each other up, help each other out, complement one another… Here’s one for you, AGREE TO DISAGREE.

These days, if you do ANY of the following, you’re WRONG… How’s that even possible, how can all of these be wrong and make you a bad mom?

  • Breastfeed- WRONG
  • Bottle-feed- WRONG
  • C-Section- WRONG
  • Epidural- WRONG
  • Co-Sleep- WRONG
  • Cry it out- WRONG
  • Helicopter Parent- WRONG
  • Free Range Parent- WRONG
  • Pro-Vaccine- WRONG
  • Non-Vaccine- WRONG
  • Working Mom- WRONG
  • Cloth Diaper- WRONG
  • Pampers/Huggies kinda mom- WRONG
  • Pinterest Mom- WRONG
  • Hot Mess Mom- WRONG
  • Young Mom- WRONG
  • Older Mom- WRONG
  • 1 Kid- WRONG
  • 5 Kids- WRONG
  • Pro- Spanking- WRONG
  • Non- Spanker- WRONG

You get my point. How did we get here? When did it become acceptable for me to dissect and belittle your parenting choices and you of mine?? It’s NOT okay. Do you think our mothers did this? No, they didn’t. They lived their lives and parented how they wished and everybody minded their own damn business, and that’s how it should be.

Here’s another thing, none of the above are WRONG, these are choices. According to aka the dictionary, two of the definitions for choice state “Power of choosing” and “A number and variety to choose among”. In layman’s term, we all have the power to choose from any one of these parenting methods without condemnation.

What are we teaching our children, by igniting this joke of a term “mommy wars”? I know most parents teach their kids not to bully, yet that’s exactly what mommy wars are, a form of bullying. We teach them to be respectful, yet disrespect each other by bashing others choices. We teach them to be kind, non-judgmental, helpful, and to be themselves. We tell our children that it’s ok to be different, to have you own style, ideas, and beliefs. None of our teachings are reflected in these “Mommy Wars”.

If you are an active participant in this awful war created amongst us women, I urge you to reconsider your stance. Ask yourself this, would you be happy if your child grew up and became a mirror image of the person you are? If they had the same traits, would you be proud? If you saw you child judging, belittling, and bullying another person, how would you feel? Our children are watching us and being ingrained with not only what we preach but what we practice too.

If for no other reason than the fact that our children are watching us, being molded by our actions, lets end the “Mommy Wars”. Let’s come together, not cause more division. Let’s respect others choices, not criticize them. There’s enough war in our world already, no need for more. Let’s lift one another up, support each other, and practice what we preach to our kids.

I vow to mind my own dang business, if you do too! Pinky promise!


A Mommy Fed-up With The “Mommy Wars”

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