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The Difficulties Of Traveling Abroad As A Mother

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Before you become a mother, you can probably recall backpacking through the Alps or taking a beautiful seaside cruise. These were probably some of the best memories that you experienced throughout your life. Unfortunately, now that you are a mother, you probably feel as if you don’t have the time to travel. You may also feel as if it would be too much of a hassle to drag the kids along. In fact, a recent survey showed that most women without children spend at least 10 days a year internationally vacationing, while women with children only travel 3 days internationally.

This probably has something to do with the attachment of these kids. Sure, it can be hard to bring them along for an international trip, but it is probably even harder to spend that much time away from them. Below, you will learn more information about why it is so hard for mothers to take a vacation.

Anxiety Can Be Crippling
If you have ever suffered from anxiety, you are already probably aware of the fact that it can be a crippling emotion. Mother’s are constantly experiencing this when they are worried about their kids, and playing different scenarios out in theirs heads. For instance, maybe a mother wants to plan a week long cruise with her three-year-old son, but is overwhelmed with fear that he might fall overboard or get kidnapped on the trip. It is these strong feelings and desires that that prevent mothers from traveling altogether.

The Financial Toll
Having, raising, and controlling a kid is not an inexpensive task. Neither is acquiring a Vietnam visa on arrival. In most cases, you are going to have to fly to your international destination and any children over the age of two are considered adults by airlines. This will mean that you are going to have to buy them an adult-priced seat. With just one child this can be quite the expense, but when you factor in two kids, you are looking at a huge expense in just airline tickets. This is not to even mention the visa charges.

Fear Of Acting Out And Misbehaving In Public
Even if most mothers manage to scrape together enough money for an airline ticket and visa on arrival Vietnam for their kid, there is always that fear of the plane ride. You child has never been on a plane before, so you really do know how he or she is going to act in this type of the environment. Different altitude can make your ears pop and turbulence can be quite scary for someone this young. Most mothers have fears that this child will either being crying uncontrollably or act out the entire time of the plane, which is not only completely embarrassing. However, it can really upset the other passengers.

There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars on an airline ticket, and then having to set next to a crying, unruly baby for a 5-hour ride. With all this being said, you should not let your fears an anxieties prevent you from traveling with your children. There are tons of precautions that you can take in order to keep your child happy, and while, while ensuring that you both have a great time.

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