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Experience buying air tickets to America

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Flight ticket market to the US today is very active and diverse by the exploitation of dozens of international airlines with Vietnam - US route. However, the flight from Vietnam to the US is a quite tiring way because there are many security checkpoints when checking in, transiting and entry. From Vietnam to the US it takes at least 18-20 hours, but the time will be longer for cases of long transit or bad weather. So would like to give some experience to buy flight tickets to the US for you to prepare psychologically and find out the necessary information in advance.

1. Schedule an early flight
One of the most important travel experiences to the US is that you need to plan your flight at least 1 month before your flight, then quickly complete your passport and visa to go to the US before you book your ticket. fly.

2. Learn the types of visas
There are many types of visas (settled, studying, traveling, working ...) you need to understand your visa conditions to determine the date of return or the type of ticket. Because if the wrong flight information can not fly

3. Choose the airline that flies to the US in accordance with the needs and conditions.
After years of experience realized that 2 airlines Eva Air and China Airlines are quite many passengers choose. The reason these two companies become more prominent, by the frequent flight frequency, suitable flight hours, quality on-board services ... are consistent with the characteristics and habits of Vietnamese people. In particular, China Airlines and Eva Air often have flight attendants who are Vietnamese, it will be very convenient if you need to support the information. Private Eva Air airline informed flight in Vietnamese is very convenient for you if you go for the first time.

And guests who prefer professionalism and fast can choose the leading US airlines such as United Airline and American Airline. Especially, United Airline also operates direct flights from Ho Chi Minh City to the US only takes 20 hours to fly

For first-time passengers, with less experience buying air tickets to the US, they should choose the flights with the least transit points so as not to be confused with getting on and off the plane.

4. Constantly updating information about airline tickets to the US
Prior to each promotion, the airline announced the flight information and the time of opening sale on its own websites, so timely information capture is an important element of the experience of buying flight tickets. US cheap. Check:

5. Find out transit points (transit, stops)
Find out transit points of each airline to see if it suits your condition. For example: People who need to fly fast, have few transit destinations because of the nature of the job, people want to transit to rest, or spend time to visit cities at the transit point (there are some airlines organize tours. free for those with long transit times). This is a valuable flight ticket experience to America that will make your journey more interesting and memorable

6. Conditions for refund, cancellation and exchange of tickets
You should only buy the cheapest ticket with no refund or no cancellation when you are almost 100% on the return date. If unsure, please purchase class that can change date, time, or refund, cancel. The drawback of cheap flight tickets is that they cannot be exchanged or returned, so it is important to consider the departure time.

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