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Challenge: What Do Fathers Do Best?

The Dad That My Husband Became

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I was fortunate enough to have an amazing father. I am extremely close to my dad, he showed me qualities in a man that I admire and didn't even realize I would see so much of in my husband. Not that I was looking for my "dad" in my husband - that would be weird!

When we found out we were having a baby we had decided not to find out the gender. As we got close to our due date, I asked my husband would he be happy if we had a girl? Of course he said yes and I then asked him "would you play tea cups and barbies?" and his response made me laugh, he said "of course I would and after the tea party we would take our barbies and go visit G.I. Joe." Instantly I knew he would be a good dad. I knew that no matter what we had,he would play dolls just as easily as he would play Avengers. As it turned out, we had a boy - Avengers here we come!

It wasn't easy finding our roles as parents and we had to learn to work with each other in new ways to make room in our life for this tiny human being. Fast forward to a year later, he wears the daddy hat well. He does pick up at daycare and makes sure he checks with the teacher to see if our little guy had a good day. A scratch shows up on our son's body, no matter how small, he's the one to see it.

When our son gets sick, my husband is there to soothe and make him laugh because it kills him to see our baby sad. He's meticulous in measuring formula, milk, food - whatever. He's got such an analytical way of thinking that he can't help but break things down to the minute - borderline nerdy some would say. But his kryptonite - diaper changing. Dirty diapers is not his thing and I can't help but crack up every time it's his turn. I mean honestly no one likes those but for some reason, it gives me the best laugh and I secretly love when my son has load for my husband.

During our first year as parents, our son became very sick and needed to be in the hospital for a few days. He required IVs and injections, things that make your baby scream like you've never heard. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't hold my baby down to allow the nurses to start the IV, my husband stepped in and I knew how much it killed him to watch our baby be in such pain. As I stood in the corner sobbing as I watched my son cry, I saw my husband be strong for both of us and as soon as it was done, he immediately picked up our baby and placed him my arms and hugged us both. Without saying a word, he knew it's what we needed - I needed to hold our baby and he needed to be our protector.

I could go on and on about all the things my husband is best at. But when it comes down to it - he's best at just being dad. He loves our son in more ways that I could ever hope, when our son hurts he hurts and he will always put us before himself. His strength is immeasurable and his love has no limits. I lucked out when he became my husband but I hit the jackpot when he turned into the best father our son deserves.


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