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Challenge: What Do Fathers Do Best?

The Road to Fatherhood, Injections & Parenthood

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Parenthood came quick and fast, once my husband and I decided that we were ready for kids. However, it didn't come without its roadblocks and bumpy curves. After unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant on our own, we realized we needed a specialist. We were lucky, we were in NYC, where fertility specialists are easy to find and accessible because of our generous health benefits with a large firm. The ability to do IVF was an option that we embraced. But, I really feel like it worked because my husband was ready to roll his sleeves up and help administer hormone shots, every day and night and patiently wait, while I psyched myself up for the daily injections. He was a fabulous nurse and took his role seriously. I'm grateful for his patience and humor when I needed it. I'm not sure how much I will tell our kids about their journey to us, but I do tell friends about the crazy amounts of injections we had to deal with and the endless amounts of appointments I had to attend. We were pregnant within a year and when my water broke and it was time to go, neither one of us felt read for parenthood and were scared as hell. But, I wouldn't trade any of it in, because I have two healthy and happy children as a result of our experience. And, it was a two person effort, in every sense of the word. Our pregnancy experience required two hands on deck, at all times. And, that was just getting pregnant. Once you have kids, you wish you had even more hands to help out with newborn feedings, naps and laundry. But, we did it and our son is about to finish 1st grade and our daughter, our little preschooler, has officially graduated and will be entering Kindergarten in the Fall.

As I watch our 5 and 6 ½ year olds play and love each other, I’m reminded all the time of how lucky we are as parents, as a couple and as a wife, that we are fortunate to have these two in our lives. Do we let them get away with things more than we should? Probably. But, I can't complain. I have a husband who has rolled with the punches and been a great role model for our kids. We didn’t grow up in an era of Dads doing dishes and cooking meals. And, yet, my husband is teaching our children about taking an active role in the kitchen, leading by example by making meals, doing chores around the house and making it fun. We are all in it together and truth be told, neither of my kids think that Mommy knows how to cook. They’ve told me many times, that Daddy is a better chef than Mommy. I’m pretty sure that these statements were not being made 40 years ago! My son and daughter will never be under the impression that one gender is pre-determined to cook the meals or take out the trash. I’m so happy that my husband is taking an active roll in teaching our children that they can do whatever they put their minds to and they do not need to follow any sort of stereotype; my husband is living and teaching that to them every day, by his own example. Making pancakes on weekends, throwing a football on Sundays and reading at night to them are memories that will always stay with them and me.

Parenthood is a roller coaster. And, I’m just happy that I have someone who is on the ride with me that is encouraging me to have fun and enjoy the thrill. As a wife getting ready to celebrate Father’s Day, I am grateful that the husband’s raising kids today are doing it with passion and commitment. And, as more and more Dads take to blogging and sharing their stories, they are encouraging other Dads and Dads to be involved in their families lives in a very meaningful way. So, thank you to my husband, who I celebrate 10 years of marriage with, this summer. Happy Father’s Day to a great Dad and great husband!

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