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Challenge: Cabin Fever

Mom Hacks to Help Survive Cabin Fever!

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When you were a kid, was there anything better than hearing the words “SNOW DAY!”? I still feel that way when I have a snow day with my kids, but then that snow day turns into more snow days, and icy cold days, and just plain yucky days where it takes so much effort to leave the house. And then it happens, Cabin Fever sets in, and, friends, it's not pretty.


Even if you’ve played all the games, crafted all the crafts, snacked all the snacks, and logged more hours in front of the TV and iPad than you will ever admit in public, the only true cure for the dreaded Cabin Fever is to get outside! But with young kids, that’s not always easy. It’s cold, they need so many layers, and inevitably someone will have to pee the minute you’re outside. So here are some Mom Hacks to make everything from getting out the door to settling in with hot coco a breeze.

Before Heading Out

Ditch the basket and organize everyone’s scarfs, hats, gloves and mittens in an over the door shoe organizer. This way every piece has a place and everyone can quickly grab what they need and put their pieces away when they come home.

Does your little one need help putting on their jacket all by themselves? Here’s a kid hack perfect for them!

No snow gear for your kiddo? Make warm and cozy leg and arm warmers for kids out of adult, wool knee socks (no cotton!) Cut off the toe and slip them on their arms or legs for warm, snuggly kids ready to hit the snow.

We want our babies warm and we know they need layers, but no one wants our kids like this…


Instead think like a fireman! Place their rain or snow boots inside the bottom cuffs of their snow pants. Roll the top of the pants down past the boots. Once your kids are dressed in their long underwear and second layer of clothing, have them step into the boots and pull up the pants (we always get the kind with the suspenders to make it even easier). We pretend that we’re fireman and play “firedrill” to see who can get dressed the fastest.

Mittens keep tiny hands warmer than gloves and are easier to put on. Save yourself the headache and buy packs of the same color mittens in case one goes missing.

The Great Outdoors

Let your kids get creative by mixing water and food coloring in spray bottles. Take the kids outside and let them “paint” the snow.

Did you put away all the sand buckets and shovels until next summer? Get them back out! These are the perfect tools for snow forts and castles.

Bubbles aren’t just for summer fun! Bring them back out when the weather is below 32 degrees. The bubbles will actually freeze! A little frozen science fun.

Warm hands and feet can help the good times outside last! Easily make DIY warmers from kids socks (infant socks are perfect!). Fill them with rice, tie the end with a ribbon, and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. The heat will last for 20 minutes. If you’re kids aren’t playing close to home, you can toss them in a tiny cooler. They’ll stay warm until you need them.

Never worry about slippery steps or sidewalks with this homemade and natural deicer

1 teaspoon dish soap

1 Tablespoon of rubbing alcohol

½ Gallon of warm water

Mix and pour on sidewalks and steps for ice free days!


After All The Fun

Toss pajamas and blankets in the dryer before you head out to play in the snow. When you get back, everyone has warm, toasty clothes to put on!

Mittens and gloves stay wet and soggy if you just put them in a basket. So try placing them on an old curtain road with clothes pins to dry, or to speed drying time by placing a raised wire stacking shelf over a heating vent. Lay the mittens on top for a quick and easy dry.

Wet boots are no fun but will dry quickly if you put wads of newspaper inside the shoes. You might have to replace the newspaper if the boots are really soaked.

Cut down on the mess from those wet boots by leaving an old baking sheet by the door to set wet boots on.

Ouch! Chapped noses and lips are no fun. But a little bit of coconut oil on both soothes, heals and protects. Seriously, is there something coconut oil can’t do?


So when faced with Cabin Fever, don’t be scared or threaten to sell your kids to the highest bidder because every trip outside ends with hot chocolate for everyone, especially Mom. Plus chocolate fixes everything, and chocolate and Nutella REALLY fixes everything.

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