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Challenge: Cabin Fever

I bring the snow in the house........

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We live in upstate NY and get plenty of snow, but sometimes it just too cold to go out and play, or I have things that need to get done.

I will bring in shovel after shovel of snow and put it in the bath tub. I then get out the beach toys and some cars and trucks (dinosaurs and other animals will work too). I wrap a scarf around our son (for no reason, just to make it fun) same for the hat, and he puts on his gloves or mittens and he can play in the snow for as long as he wants. I get peace and quiet so I can get my things done, and he gets to play in the snow, inside the house where it is nice and warm. When the mittens get wet, he takes them off and just puts on a dry pair.

Best thing of all, when the snow melts, it just goes right down the drain, you may need to rinse the tub a little, but no major clean up needed.

I did this with my oldest who is now 28, and with my youngest who is 12. It has been a lifesaver for me. And the kids think it is great that I bring snow into the house!! :)

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