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Challenge: Winter Survival Secrets

How To Dress Your Kids In Winter On Tight Budget

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Winter is all about hot coffee, comfy snuggly outfits and your broods whose eyes are usually glued to the video games and computer screens can’t wait to go out and play in snow. It is the time of year when your kids get to enjoy all the outdoor activities such as snow-boarding, ice skating, skiing, sledging and what not but it is also that time of year when your children are most susceptible to illness such as flue, fever, frost bites and hypothermia. You have to bundle them up before letting them step out of your door; this bundling up need layers and layers of clothes which can be costly too especially if you are a mom on a tight budget and you have more than two kids in growing age. So here are the tips for effective winter garments shopping for kiddies by moms around the coldest regions of the worlds. These tips will help you to organize your shopping list within the budget.



Layer up

It is thumb rule for dressing children that the numbers of layers you are wearing in winter, always add one more to your children’s outfit. They are younger and they have low resistance therefore they are more prone to frost bites and hypothermia. Moreover layering them is also convenient as they can shed some of clothing if they get toowarm.

Clothe material

Before purchasing winter attires whether they are pajamas, shirts, frocks, skirts look out for the material of the dress, cotton, acrylic and synthetic maybe warm for summers but they are not that functional in winters, wool and velvets are the best option for clothing material are they great insulators, not only they homey but are also incredible insulators. Woolen beanies, socks and sweaters are must haves for kids in winter whether they are at home or they are going out. you don't have to raid multiple stores to get these items, log on to childrens place to pick out your favorite items, also you can save by utilizing saving coupons.

Moisture absorbing

When kids go out they run and play and engage in other physical activities, though most importantly they sweat, yes you have heard it right! Even in winter when you perform any physical activity you sweat it can be very uncomfortable, prickly and scratchy when you have layered up and the sweat drips in the layer and make your clothing damp. Look out for clothes that are moisture absorbing, moisture wicking gloves and shoe soles are also available.

Leg warmers, tights and socks

These are some of the articles that must stock up in winters. Leg warmers, tights and woolen socks will prevent your kid’s toes from falling of their feet in chilly winters. They are extremely useful for outdoor activities; they are like coatings of insulations that will avert frost bites when your children are playing knee-deep in snow.



Opt for Beanies

Instead of hats and ear muffs opt for regular warm beanies they not only cover your head but also the ears, because they are so tight and warm they do not let any air to enter. Even the hoods on the hoodies are not that tight and give plenty of space to air to get through.

High collared jackets

The scarves are very effectual to keep your neck and ears from frost bite, but for kids you should go for high colored sweater, jackets and coats. Often children are not able to carry scarves, while they play there is a chance of strangulation and choking from scarves. Furthermore if you are on a tight budget you need to cut down on the excessive items and in this case you can easily discard the scarves this winter from your kids shopping list.

Swap hoodies

I am not saying that you should altogether ditch hoodies, they are very practical, warm and comfortable but when you are going out in blood freezing temperature the single hoodie will not be enough to save your precious from cold and hypothermia, you will need to add scarves and beanies and clothing underneath to keep them warm, instead of those go for durable jackets and coats, its collar will cover neck and you would not require multiple shirts underneath.

Include Thermals

Thermals are everyday hands-on you can put beneath any dress and it will be sufficient to keep your munchkins warm. Plus they are so snug that do not let cold air to get through.

Get Rain boots

They are very proficient, especially in regions where it rains. Their soles are slip free so your children can run without falling flat on their faces. They are water resistant which will keep their feet dry at all times.

Mittens and gloves

Mitten and gloves keep their blood regulating in hands and fingers even when it is freezing and they are spending hours at building snowmen.
These all articles are must essential to get through cold-free winters; kids easily outgrow these clothes so always follow one size bigger rule so that the piles of clothes you have purchased will last for at least 2 winters. They are several ways you can hog few buck on these articles too.



Clothing swaps

Go for clothing swap, exchange clothes from your relatives and friends whose kids have grown. There are several stores which have the option for cloth swapping too.

Hand me downs

Do not hesitate from hand me downs, there is nothing wrong with purchasing pre-loved clothes because seasonal clothes are usually worn for 2-3 months and then they are discarded so it is wasteful for splurging on tons of winter clothes.

So far we have seen that kids are requires extra layering in winter to keep their toes warm. Your shopping must include the above listed items to ensure your kids enjoy winters to the fullest, however the shopping can be overwhelming at some times, keep the tricks in mind and keep an eye out for sales and discount which they cut-down almost half of the original price, which help you to retain your budget. These tips are worldwide moms approved to keep your kids warm and cozy this winter.

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