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Is it too late to stop doing ALL THE THINGS?

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My kids do sports..lots of freaking sports. We have done swimming, water polo, football, baseball, soccer, softball, cheerleading, tee-ball, basketball, and probably more.

I have heard some seriously stupid things while sitting in stands, or on the side of a field, listening to other parents and grandparents talk about their kids.

Last night I heard this little gem: “Did you see how Emma was about to fall, but then didn’t fall? Wow, talk about coordination!”

It seems to me that as a society, we truly all believe that everything our kids do is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I wonder when this started taking place. I don’t remember getting participation awards as a kid in the 80’s and early 90’s. I don’t remember my parents yelling NICE TRY! when I struck out, or missed a basket.

I don’t remember my feelings every being considered when I made a dumb move. Is this the reason that we coddle our kids so much? Are we making up for just being dropped off at Little League practice, as our moms made a rolling stop at the curb?

I know that I certainly never felt neglected as a child if mom and dad didn’t sit through each and every one of my practices or games. Moms and dads had grown up stuff to do, like paying taxes, and doing dishes. I never questioned it, because it was like that universally. Some poor sap got talked into coaching the team, and all the other parents left their kids with him or her for an hour. My parents were probably not paying bills or pulling weeds from the garden when we were at practice, they probably took that glorious hour to RELAX.

My week this week consists of 7 baseball games, and 3 soccer practices or games. This is out of hand people. My husband and I have to divide and conquer just to get kids where they need to be. I don’t see him til after 9 pm, when we both roll in, unload the cars, and put the kids to bed. Then we fall asleep, and get up and do it all over again.

Last night at my middle son’s baseball game, there was a parent that was not there, and her kid was acting a fool. There were SEVERAL looks shot across the dug out between myself and other moms like “Where the heck is this kid’s parents???” From now on, they are going to be considered the absent parents in my mind…no matter what. I can’t help it! If I have to sit and suffer through 3rd graders playing baseball, then so do you!

But that’s the thing… 20-30 years ago, this was THE NORM.

You were lucky if mom rolled in during the last inning with a box of half-melted popsicles to hand out to the team. This was living!

Is it too late to go back? Too late to just stop going to ALL. THE. THINGS?

What are our kids going to be like as parents? I can’t see things getting any more ridiculous, but hey, who knows!

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