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Challenge: Parent Fails

I encouraged my daughter to Bully (back)

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my daughter was in the 4th grade. there was the proverbial 'mean girl' in her class. everyday my kid would come home and tell me something this other girl would say or do. it was to the point that she was consumed with the thought of this girl picking on her everyday. wha wha wha.....i would encourage the Golden Rule...turn the other cheek...tell the teacher...tell the principal...she would cry....i would cry in my bed at night....I became a Rosary Lovin' Woman...sure that Mary had to deal with kids bullying Jesus right?!!! I mean..for sure he was the weird boy?

one afternoon....i couldn't take it anymore...not one more mention of this girl's name...i screamed at my daughter...'Just Hit Her'!! 'By God...Just Hit Her'! 'If you get in trouble i'll back you up!"

The next day came...i went to work with a pit in my stomach...sure that i would get a call from the principal.....

No call came...

My daughter drummed up the courage...kind of chased the girl and her gang down on the playground...and gave her a piece of her Mind...NOT her Fist.

That night after school....i asked how it had D told me that she handled it...without violence...that hitting just wasn't right.....

ugggg... i had given my kid terrible advice...i had encouraged violence...i had encouraged kid did the right thing anyway!!!

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