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Challenge: Sleep Confessions

Will I ever sleep again?

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Two babies under 2. The thought of it was daunting because my toddler was sleeping in 20 minute intervals. I had tried everything. Sleep trainers...the fancy kind who tell you they can get your kid sleeping thru the night if you pay them thousands of dollars. BUT what they don't tell you is that after THEY get your kid sleeping, when YOU take over doesn't work. SO...what to do?

My baby was 22 months and was waking every 20 minutes. Exhausted doesn't begin to describe it. Any parent out there whose kids refuse to sleep can understand. I felt that she felt trapped in her crib. I read a blog suggesting that moving children into big beds gives them a sense of freedom and as a result, they sleep better. SAVED MY LIFE! She now sleeps in 5 hours intervals. Sure, it seems like not a lot but when you go from 20 minutes of sleep at a time to 5 hours, everything around you seems a lot brighter and happier.

I also decided that I should talk to my toddler about her sleeping. It helped. And by talking to her, I mean, I told her "if you get out of your bed before morning, dinosaurs will get you." Don't knock it until you try it. She sleeps better, I am a better mom and no dinosaur spotting yet in our apartment. Win win!

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