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Why the mother-daughter relationship is a sacred sisterhood

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Mere words can never capture the ethereal nature of a mother-daughter bond. It’s like a bodily “knowing” where the mysterious blend of spiritual energies and shared DNA takes on a life of its own in our being.

As our daughters go through life, we feel their life experiences in our womb, absorb their emotions in our heart, celebrate their joys in our soul, and bear the burden of their hardships in our blood.

When our girls grow up and come into their own, this bond takes on a whole new life that feels like sacred sisterhood. Mother-daughter time at this stage is life-giving in ways we never imagined. It’s like hanging with your bestie, ride-or-die, and soul sister all at once. Our girls are now our truth tellers, shenanigan makers, and safe keepers of our secrets.

With every passing year, we're able to connect deepar at the heart level and understand each other‘s essence and all the beats inside a female heart. We know how to fully see, fully know, and fully love one another.

The truth is we have no idea how breathtaking this type of friendship can be until we do. And then the sheer magnitude of love and gratitude we feel swallows us whole.

This girl of mine is one of the strongest influences and source of inspiration in my life. She empowers me, encourages me, and gives wise counsel. She makes me laugh until I cry and knows how to listen and hold space for me in ways no other woman can--a byproduct of deep, spiritual connection that defies understanding.

I don’t know if there is a relationship on earth as unique and harmonious as one shared between a mom and her daughter. But it’s not always a given. Not all moms and daughters experience this bliss—I don’t take any of it for granted. I take all of it to heart and cherish the gift I've been given.


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