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Live Like a Toddler

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There is something about becoming a mother that makes you want to be the best version of yourself. As time has gone on, I’ve realized that my best teachers have been right in front of me. Although the toddler stage is a difficult one, toddlers are some of the most loving, forgiving, energetic people that I know. We have so much to learn from these little people who truly have the important things of life figured out.

My daughters are extremely strong willed. When they want something, they let nothing stand in their way. Just try and tell a toddler that they cannot scale the baby gate. Trust me, they will prove you wrong. When was the last time you fought that hard for something? I strive to have the same determination and passion in all aspects of my life.

My youngest daughter has given herself more kisses in the mirror than anyone else combined. Toddlers are full of self-love. Somewhere along the way we lose this. My girls think that they are the smartest, most beautiful people around and I hope that they always do.

Have you noticed that toddlers never stop moving? They have endless energy. Imagine if we all walked, ran, and jumped even half as much as they do. We would be the healthiest, most energetic versions of ourselves.

Toddlers could care less what people think. My daughter wore a Santa hat to preschool… in August. I hope that she always has this attitude in the face of other people’s opinions. It takes me one look at her dressed in her Nemo hat and rain boots to let go of my own fear of what other people think.

My girls find joy in all of the little things of life. I recently went with for a walk with my two daughters and they proceeded to pick up pinecones, search for bugs and point out every single flower along the way. All things I would have never appreciated otherwise. In this fast-paced world, they remind me to slow down and recognize the beauty that is all around us, if we only look for it.

Toddlers love to be silly. They erupt into giggles over something as simple as “Ring around the Rosie” or bubbles in the bathtub. They bring laugher to my life every single day. They make funny faces, create crazy dance moves and remind me to never take life too seriously.

My girls have shown me how to forgive completely and honestly. Despite my imperfections they love me fiercely. When I am not my best, they forgive me without any grudges or expectations. They give me more grace than I deserve.

Whether it be the alphabet or the four-letter word you didn’t want them to hear, our toddlers are constantly learning something new. Their minds are like a sponge soaking in every learning opportunity they can. Imagine if we all approached the world with the same genuine curiosity and thirst for learning. Envision the knowledge we would gain, the amount we would grow, and the views we would consider.

My girls will lead me into a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life if I let them. My daughters inspire me to love better, forgive easily, laugh often, and worry less. I am determined to live like a toddler.

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