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Challenge: Raising Siblings

When you have a sister, you have a friend forever

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My mama raised ten children. TEN. Seven girls and three boys.

It would be an understatement to say that life with this many siblings was busy. Chaotic. A little crazy at times (OK, all the time.)

I grew up sharing a room with all my sisters. That's a lot of opportunities for cat-fights, borrowed clothing, bunk beds, yelling, mood-swings, foot-stomping, rivalry and love.


Photo Credit: Kizzi Metcalfe

As the years roll on by, I am learning that siblings truly are your forever friends. No matter where we are at in life stage or location, every time we rock on up to my parents' house, we are immediately at home. My siblings? These are the ones who have seen me at my best and my worst, and still love me.

So now, as I raise my two daughters, I find I have a pool of experience to draw from, both what to do and what NOT to do.

I am raising sisters to be forever friends.

My hope? That long after my time on earth is through, these girls will still have each other. That wherever life takes them, whatever stage or location they find themselves in, that coming together will always be coming home.


Photo Credit: Sina Steele

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with #2, I began to plant the seed of sibling love in my first-born's mind. Every day, I would tell her about the baby growing in my tummy, and remind her that this was her best friend.

And I haven't skipped a day yet, over two years later.

Every single day, I remind them that they are best friends. When they are both fighting over the same toy or reaching for the same snack. When they both want to sit in mama's lap or hold daddy's hand. When they both want to be first. When they both want to sit in the same chair. In all these little things, I remind them — this person is not only your sibling, but your best friend. What a privilege.

Like I said, I'm raising sisters to be forever friends.

And, having nine grown-up siblings who I still keep in contact with, a forever friend is worth investing in.

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