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Why I gave my daughter a YouTube channel for Christmas?

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The crisp winter air nipped at my cheeks as I meandered from shop to shop. The sweet seasonal scent of roasted chestnuts filled the air, and joyous wintertime tunes resounded from passing doorways as I walked by. Christmas was just around the corner, and I wanted my little girl, Sara Sofia, to have the perfect gift to bring her some cheer as we gathered around the tree on Christmas morning. I was lost in thought – What could I get for her that was truly unique?

Last Christmas, we did a beautiful photo session but this year I was totally out of ideas…

Each passing window was stacked to the brim with vibrant decorations and various offerings of gifts in all shapes and sizes. I eventually reached the toy shop at the end of the street. It was a large warehouse type building, with shelves upon shelves of gadgets and trinkets. I was overawed as I wondered into the building; where should I start? It was an endless horizon of brightly packaged toys, each promising to be more fun than the last.

My daughter – as younger kids generally do – seemed to change her interests every other week and it was hard to keep up with the latest games that she liked to play. One week she might want to act out her fantasies of being a Disney princess, the next she might want to snuggle with the latest plushy bear or play with her remote-controlled car. Some toys are cherished forever, and others pushed into a corner and never played with again. And toys... Well, they're mighty expensive these days, so presents are actually something that I tend to put a lot of thought into; Will she get hours of fun out of it, or will it end up stuffed into her bedroom cupboard never to see the light of day again?

Adverts always promise that this toy or that toy is truly the best thing that your kid could ever dream of, so how do you know which ones are truly as great as they say? Only our kids themselves can answer that question, right? When it comes to toys, our kids are truly the experts, after-all. That was the moment when I first came up with the idea. I could give my little Sara Sofia the perfect gift and help out others like me in the process.

When I was stood clueless in that massive warehouse, surrounded by more toys than one could play with in a lifetime, I decided that I would set up this YouTube channel - - as a part of Sara's Christmas gift; I would film her true and genuine reactions as she unboxed her new dolls and toys – it would be the gift that would just keep on giving!

I hope that this will be a fun project that would bring us both closer together and that we will both enjoy while providing the parents of the world with a valuable insight into which toys our kids will truly love and treasure!

I’m very sure that many of you are aware of this trend of kids on YouTube doing videos so any suggestions will be taken into consideration.

What do you think about my idea?

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