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When we're on the other side of this, I hope that we are different

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When we're on the other side of this, I hope that we are different.

I hope that we have learned something.

I hope to God -- the same one we've questioned and prayed to during this pandemic -- that our eyes are open.

I hope that we are grateful for the everyday ordinary.

I hope that we are more compassionate and selfless.

I hope that we offer grace before judgment.

I hope that we help and never hurt.

I hope that we understand and forgive.

I hope that we respect all people and remember that each of us is above none.

I hope that we use our manners and common sense.

I hope that our wit is kind.

I hope that we are less self-seeking.

But beyond that,

I hope that God sees that we are different.

That we are not His children of past, but His children of now.




Better humans.

When we're on the other side of this, I hope that things look different.

Less grim.

I hope that the economy is healthy and thriving.

I hope that business, big and small, are up and running.

I hope that all people that want and need jobs, I have them.

I hope that those who want to serve their families have the luxury of doing so.

I hope that, world-wide, there's more giving than taking.

I hope that there's more predicting and planning.

I hope that there's union and compromise.

I hope that there's connection between all people and businesses.

We have all been attacked personally by this pandemic.

In very different ways, every human has been affected by this mess.

We're all a bit angry.

We're all a bit discouraged.

We're all missing one another, our jobs, and our regular lives.

But what we can't miss is the opportunity to stay resilient and remain hope-filled that when we're on the other side of this, we will be different, and so will the way government and businesses operate.

And, I just have to believe that this other version of us and the world, is one in which we all realize that we’re all “essential” and that we need each other.

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