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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

Understanding, respect, kindness, and general 'goodness’ can spread far and wide...if we let it

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Some thoughts, as we head into the first full week of May and what is going to be, a new "new normal" for many in states that are beginning their reopening:

Businesses that were closed will now be open.

Businesses that were closed may opt to stay closed.

Respect their decisions, and support both, in any way you can.

People that were staying home will now go out.

People that were staying home may opt to stay home still.

Respect their decisions and be kind to all.

Some children that have been cooped up will be allowed out more.

Some children that have been cooped up will be told they must stay isolating.

Respect their parents' decisions and offer a smile to any kid you see 'cause Lord knows they need and deserve it.

Stores may loosen their distancing guidelines.

Other stores may tighten them up.

Respect their decisions, trust they are being made with proper guidance and data to support them, and if you don't agree, don't visit that place.

Your parents and grandparents might start to feel less anxious.

Your parents and grandparents might be feeling more anxious than ever.

Empathize with them and exercise compassion.

You will have friends that feel just like you.

You will have friends that feel the opposite of how you feel.

Stay friends anyway.

People and businesses are all doing the best they can with the information (and lack thereof) that we have as it relates to this pandemic.

There's conflicting chatter bombarding each of us, all day, every day, and the choices individuals are making are based on what they feel is right for their business, family, self, and hopefully, in some form, the greater good.

You're not out to get me because you're venturing out more than I am and I'm not ruining the economy by keeping my family home.

A business is not selfish because its opening and cowards don't run it if it decides to stay closed.

Every person on this gosh darn Earth is doing the best they can, and I think the smartest thing any of us can do is keep doing what we're doing and keeping our mouths shut when it comes to what others are doing.

If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it's that judgment and negativity can spread fast and wide, but that so can understanding, respect, kindness, and general 'goodness.’

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