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Best Tips to Help Parents Prep for Prom Night

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Spring is just around the corner, and that means that high school students are buzzing with excitement about prom. Some may already have their dates, while others may be collaborating on their complex “promposals” and post-prom weekend plans. From tuxedos to prom dresses, limo rides to song requests, teens are busy doing everything they can to make this a perfect night. While this can be a stressful time for some teenagers, it can prove to be even more stressful for their parents. Every parent wants their child to have a memorable prom, and they may feel pressure to help prepare for the big night. Parents can follow these rules to ensure that their teenager’s prom is one of a kind.

1) Secure All Relevant Contact Information

If you are not going to be one of the supervising parents at the event or the after-party, make sure that you have the names and phone numbers of all of the adults that will. In case of emergency, whether with yourself, your child, or at the event, you will want to have quick access to the information of those that can help. We always hope that nothing will go wrong, but you will breathe much easier if you have the pertinent information towards keeping your child safe.

2) Communication

Talk to your teen in a parental but understanding atmosphere to make sure they know the rules regarding prom and the dangers that come with the parties and get-aways afterwards. Don’t do so in an accusatory tone but allow them to understand that you want them to be safe and that they can talk to you if needed.

On top of talking to your child, use your contact information to stay in contact with other adults and school officials. You will want to be kept up to date on any changes or situations that may happen, as well as know who is charge. In communicating with other parents, you can swap advice you may have for them or their children on prom night.

3) Establish curfews, check-in times, and expectations

Make sure your child knows when they are expected home, and if they are going on a trip after prom, that they need to check in at certain time throughout the day. Set reasonable expectations and let your teenager know that you want them to have a blast but that they need to be safe, responsible, and respect your rules. Using the discussed open communication methods will help them to feel trusted and give them to confidence to make these smart decisions.

4) Enjoy Yourself

If you are a chaperone, enjoy the magical night of prom. If you are staying away from the action, be happy in the fact that your child is experiencing a night that he or she will remember forever. Prom only happens once for most of us, and it is truly one of life’s great moments, so savor it!

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