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Challenge: Grinch challenge: Acts of Kindness

When a special education teacher goes above and beyond

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Math and reading are challenging subjects for my daughter. More challenging than they are for most kids in 2nd grade.

While virtual learning during a global pandemic has created challenges for many families, it's provided a glimpse into my daughter's struggles that I otherwise may not have noticed.

The road to getting the help she needs has been incredibly hard. I’ve spent many nights crying my eyes out; to have a child with special needs can feel really isolating.

What signs did we miss? What should we have done differently? Why didn’t we notice something sooner? What codes and laws do I need to research? How do I make sure my daughter doesn’t fall through the cracks? What does this mean long-term?

There have been months of insurance battles and wait lists (lonnnnnng wait lists), appointments and new glasses, school meetings and private tutoring sessions, lots of paperwork and — of course — enough worries that would break just about any momma’s heart.

But then I saw her through the window —

My daughter’s special education teacher dropped off a box on our front porch. She left just as quickly as she came.

In the box was a beautiful new doll. It had a handwritten card that read:

“Malia came up to me at Target looking for a special friend.

She has some problems with reading and math, but her glasses are helping her see better.

She is a great listener and won’t blab your secrets. I know you will be great friends!

Bring her to group with you so she can learn, too.

Love, Mrs. K.”


Bless the teachers who go above and beyond; who fill my child with hope; bless the teachers who recognize it’s not easy feeling like you’re different than your classmates; and who think of a way to make everything a little better by their acts of genuine kindness.

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