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Challenge: Walking the Talk

Walk the Dog and Start a Family Building Tradition

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When you're thinking about ways to get through to your kids, get your exercise and spread some love at the same time, there's nothing better than a good, long walk with the dog.

By looking into buying a family dog, you'll be able to use this as a means to also create bonds with your children. Since parenthood is such an amazing adventure, take the time to add a family pet into the mix that can make your family grow even more.

When this is your focus, read on and use these tips to the best of your ability.

Find the Best Dog For the Family

There are more than 300 recognized dog breeds in the world. As you can see, there are a lot of options that you can look for, and these options will help you get the absolute most of your walks.

Make sure that you get a dog as a puppy so that you get plenty of high-energy years out of them for these walks with your family. In doing this, you are able to also start your walks slowly, going short distances and working your way up to several miles.

It has been said that sitting is the new smoking, in that it ruins people's blood circulation and has a series of other health ramifications due to living such a sedentary lifestyle.

Take the time to figure out which dog fits your family the best and look for a breeder that can assist you.

Understand Why Good, Long Walks Are Excellent

The more you get out and walk the dog with your kids, the more benefits you'll enjoy. However, schedules get hectic as life progresses, so the key is to do your best to stick to it. Even taking time as a family to walk your canine weekly can create incredible bonds that improve everyone's lives in different ways.

When you get out and walk each day, your body will be conditioned, you'll have higher brain function and this opens up an opportunity to talk to your kids at length, on a regular basis.

This opens the floor for a lot of time that you get to relate to each other, talk about school and instill life lessons. Going for these sorts of long walks will allow you to also ramp up your fitness and make that a priority in your lives. This sets an excellent precedent and example for your family by living it, rather than only telling them that physical fitness and consistency are important.

These are great for your physical, mental and emotional health, and offers a wonderful form of bonding and stress release.

Make It a Ritual and Add Challenges and New Ventures

Ritual and consistency are everything in life. You'll be able to build life enhancing habits that will be great for you and the entire family.

It's vital that you make this walk something that everyone will benefit from, and that you all look forward to it. By making these walks a regular practice, your family will get used to bonding and spending time together, increasing their heart rate and communicating with each other.

By handling a walk in a way that serves the growth of your family, you're creating an incredibly solid background.

Utilize these tips so that you and your loved ones grow together by something as simple as walking a dog.

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