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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

Switch Into Full Summer Vacation Mode to Reduce Stress

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Getting some R and R this summer is about more than just time off from school, it could be something that is truly needed for health and well-being.

New psychological studies indicate that today's teen is suffering from increased stress. What's more, teens also don't feel that their parents truly understand the pressures that they face due to school and adolescence.

Because of this, you can take summer vacation as a time to heal the entire family, and develop some bonds before going into the new school year and the home stretch of the year.

Use these positive tips so that this summer is restorative and rejuvenative for the whole squad.

Get An Abundance of Contact With Nature

Because we spend so much time in air conditioned homes, offices and businesses, and really are only outside for a few moments before getting into vehicles, most of us are Vitamin D deficient.

Vitamin D is the nutrient of the sun, which plays a huge role in energy levels, mood and a vital amount of natural building blocks.

Reverse this by taking out to get some sunshine this summer. Additionally, you'll be able to reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being by spending some time around plants. Breathing in fresh, clean air can revitalize you and your family more than you could imagine.

As a cheat, you can also buy some house plants that will freshen up the air inside of your home and help you breathe easier.

Plan some trips to the park with your kids so that they don't get accustomed to letting the TV and tablets alone entertain them. Teach them all about games you used to play as a kid, and you'll create some bonding opportunities that lead to lifelong memories.

Plan Out Regular Activities With the Kids

Summer is all about getting out of the house and expanding your horizons.

This is crucial both for you and your kids. Both kids and adults get stuck in ruts, so the more you expand your horizon, the more growth you'll experience this summer.

Take the time to plan ahead and fill your calendar with fun activities that stimulate excitement, learning and growth. Make the library a weekly trip, so that your kids can not only knock out the summer reading list, but stimulate their minds with new books and subject matters.

The museum will provide much of the same, and will allow you to see and experience something different. You can also plan mini-vacations, outside of a singular huge summer vacation, which will have you and your kids looking forward to a few weekends during the month.

For instance, you can drive 2-hours out of town and embrace some new scenery without it having to hit your pockets so much. Traveling and seeing new things can help add some life perspective and shake you all out of a rut.

Use It As a Time to Regroup With Your Partner

Perhaps the most important step you can take this summer is to strengthen bonds with your partner.

Taking time out away from the kids will have you rested and recharged, so that you can come back home as better parents. Plan several unique date nights and definitely take a trip away from the kids -- even if it just means taking a night or weekend in a hotel to order room service.

The more you reconnect, the better assets you'll be as parents.

Utilize these tips and your summer will be filled with magic and growth.

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