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How Can Teenagers Spend More Time With Family

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How Can Teenagers Spend More Time With Family

With never ending syllabus to complete, tests to prepare for and assignments to write, teenagers hardly realize how the week passes by entwined in a whirlwind of activities. They rush to cope up with the running clock but seldom miss out on spending quality time with their near and dear ones.


It’s extremely important to spend time with family as that reveals how much we care about them. But with the constant time crunch and families getting to meet only over dinner tables, they are resorting to options like long holidays for bonding and enjoying each other’s company. However such vacations are not always possible either due to shortage of time or finance avenues. Thus we have come up with some daily habits which teenagers can adhere to for spending more time with their family rather than going for these once in a blue moon options.

Fixing Things Together

Whether the kitchen sink is leaking or the study room wall paper has fallen off, these pretty mundane tasks can transform into a bonding activity once teenagers participate in the same under adult supervision.

School Drop

Throw a tantrum, ask your parents to drop you off at school. Well it might cause a few minutes of delay at their office but the time you get to spend on the way to school and the jokes you crack together is priceless.

Small Walk After Dinner

Going for a brisk walk after dinner can speed up your metabolism process and also provide you with an avenue of discussion about the new science project with your science major dad.

Celebrating Family Traditions

Age old family traditions serve as a rendezvous point for family members, friends, relative and acquaintances. Make sure you attend these events as you will get to meet people you usually don’t meet on a daily basis.


Leaving a Message

Even if you don’t get to meet your college goes brother on a regular basis, you can leave a video message for him just saying hi. It’s strange how these small actions mean a huge thing for people who matter the most.

Join Classes Of Common Interest

So your mother always had a penchant for bakery right? And if even you don’t mind getting to learn how to bake those sinful pleasures then join the bakery class together. Travelling time will surely be filled up with a lot of chit-chat and those crazy burning of cake sessions will also provide you both with something to laugh about.

Create A Group Chat

With social media becoming the talk of town, you can put the same to use for establishing connections with that long lost cousin. Make a group, add family members and get chatting. Share pictures, videos, puzzles – but start talking and establishing strong bonds.

Homework Help

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If the home front stays happy and satisfied, positivity is bound to flow in creating greater enthusiasm to work and study.

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