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We're not meant to be

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We're not meant to be. We choose to be.

This love, it wasn't fated.

It wasn't written into the stars.

There was no destiny.

Because real life isn't a fairy tale.

It's not a romantic comedy. It's not a Hallmark movie.

No, we CHOOSE to be together.

We choose each other.

Day after day, month after month, year after year.

And it's never easy.

How could it be?

Two people who are so much alike, yet unable to see eye to eye.

Strong personalities, differing opinions, the incessant need to be right.

We're difficult, we're complicated.

And love? Well, love is complicated.

Marriage is never easy. The best things in life usually aren't.

But it's a choice we make every day to wake up and stay married.

It's a choice we make to stay committed to each other and the life we're building.

It's a choice we make to choose each other, again and again and again. Even in the hard times.

It's a choice to love without fault.

It's a choice we made 8 years ago in front of God, our family, and our friends.

And it's still the best choice we've ever made.


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