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Traveling With Kids To Seaside Of Croatia

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Whenever the holidays arrive, it is every family’s wish to explore and have fun in some exciting and natural site. It is important to have a trip that is stress free and conducive to every member of your family. One of the most recommended places is Croatia seaside. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world flock into this place to have a pinch of the experience and memories it offers. The Croatian government has made it easy for interested beach lovers to make visits without challenges.


You have a variety of places to visit while in Croatia. Here are some of the best places that will make your travel a success; first, Spiaza beach in Susak. Susak is a tiny sand island located some distance from the mainland. The beach is noon- crescent shaped; it is shallow thus making it safe for kids to swim. An adult will have to wade a distance of about 500metres to find a depth enough to swim.

Second is Nin beach which is a long stretch of sand that runs towards the horizon. While here, you get an opportunity to view Velebit Mountains that stand beyond the waters. Nin has hotels and restaurants where you can access accommodation.


Thirdly, Bacvice beach is a shallow bay composed of sand. It is of religious significance and has been branded as holiest of holies. It’s a beach that has played a major childhood role to anyone who grew in Split. It is also a sweet memory if your children manage to visit this place and share the feeling.Bacvice is commonly known as a family beach with a number of pavilions that stand immediately to the east of the beach. The beach gives you an opportunity to view real estate Croatia; you get a chance to enjoy the advancement and high technology used in construction of beautiful estates and buildings.


Fourth, Lovrecina bay is defined by its sandy shores, this beach boarders translucent water and an abandoned medieval church built among olive groves. The beach gives you a walking experience since it has no parking. This also helps to avoid accidents, for this reason, families inclusive of children will enjoy it here. Fifth is Hvar port that has an international reputation for bars and racy nightlife. The port has shallow waters making it good for kids to paddle. There are a number of motor boats and your children will love the rides.

The Croatia government has given both local and international tourism a serious attention. It has ensured security for all tourists and most specifically those who travel to the seaside. The government has also put in place policies that enhance the qualities of its tourist sites. Most of these sites are left in their natural states. There are swimming guides at every beach and rescue procedures are in place to minimize chances of drowning. There are secure hotels, bars and means of transport that help in making all tourists comfortable. You and your kids will have a lifetime experience by visiting Croatia seaside.

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