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These Destinations Will Give You and Your Family the Adventure of a Lifetime

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A year ago I resorted to being a globetrotter when I was desperate to cure my depression without the use of medication. It was by chance that I stumbled upon the mental health benefits of traveling and I was ready to give it a try.

Several months and destinations later I felt brand new, but this time I had a new problem – I got tired of traveling to the same old popular travel destinations people paste on their vision boards. I craved for places that were off the radar.

That pushed me on a new journey to discover underrated sights that will give anyone an adventure that they’ll never forget and be forever grateful for.

If you’ve also grown weary of the well-known travel destinations and you want a little more spice, mystery and variety in your travel itinerary, then this article is for you.

1. Andaman Islands

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These Islands are just the spot to start your journey to underrated destinations. The Andaman Islands boasts of the white sandy beaches and dreamy sceneries. The Islands have a mix of sea, beaches, and rainforests. It’s the best place to meditate or lose yourself in nature.

Sounds very much like the description of any topical beach at a popular travel destination, right?

But what’s different about the Andaman Islands is the journey you have to make to get there. Unlike most tourist spots, the Andamans are so remote that there are no international flights headed in that direction. So your best bet is to either board on a domestic flight from Mumbai or Delhi to Port Blair or make your journey to the islands by sea.

2. Máncora, Peru

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When tourists head over to Peru, their main destination is Machu Picchu or Lima. Máncora, on the other hand, doesn’t get that much love, but it sure won my heart.

If surfing is your thing then this is the place to do it. Surfing on the waters of Máncora is as good as surfing in Hawaii. And if you don’t fancy surfing on water, you can try kitesurfing and enjoy the amazing scenery of Máncora.

As a seaside village Máncora gives you the rare opportunity to witness life of simple pleasures. It makes a great change from the fast-paced world we live in.

3. Le Marais, France

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If there’s anything France is known for aside its array of exquisite delicacies, it’s its picturesque cities. From the castles to the gardens you can see the history before anyone tells you the story behind them. Le Marais is one of those sights.

As you walk through Le Marais you won’t be able to help yourself from experiencing Paris in its medieval, pre-revolution and pre-World War eras. This was where the affluent lived in Paris before they were driven away during the revolution to give way to the poorer occupants. Le Marais is also home to the famous Jewish quarters.

You may want to stroll to make the most of Le Marais to soak it all in. While you’re at it, don't forget to try some new food! Le Marais is one of the best places to go on a Paris food tour to get the best of all flavours of France.

4. São Tomé and Príncipe

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Our next stop is an African eco-friendly destination. São Tomé and Príncipe are 2 African islands located on their own on the Atlantic Ocean. These islands have a volcano on them and they’re rich with dense jungles, plantations and beautiful beaches.

What will catch your interest is the abundance of wildlife on the Island. While you go on a hike, you’ll see birds show up and little animals peak from the bushes to check who has come to visit. It’s truly a magical place.

5. Wadi Rum, Jordan

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Maybe you’ve never imagined taking a hike through the desert as an ideal travel activity, but if you’re ever feel like going to see the desert, then make sure you stop by Wadi Rum in Jordan.

Wadi Rum is located to the west of the Arabian desert. The sand there is red due to the presence of iron oxide. At Wadi Rum you’ll see large rock formations, sand dunes and in the night the sky it so clear you get to see all the start. It’s extraordinary!

6. Madagascar

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Crowning this list is Madagascar. It’s one of the most unique countries in the world. It’s home to wildlife you’ve never imagined you’d ever see. In fact, 90 percent of Madagascar’s wildlife is not found anywhere else.

Madagascar’s rich biodiversity will amaze you. For example, the baobab tree, also referred to as the Tree of Life, can grow as wide as 46 feet and as tall as 100 feet. It’s incredible to look at how majestic they are!

You should also take a plunge to see a totally different world that lies in the blue waters. Madagascar has about 3000 miles of coastline and the coral reef is home to over 6000 species of marine life.

Let the adventure begin!

If you’re like me and you’re ready to travel somewhere new and out of the ordinary then the 6 destinations above will give you the thrill of a lifetime. Plus, you’ll get to see life from a different perspective.

The whole essence of traveling is to acquire new experiences that will renew your mind so that when you get back to your normal routine, you won’t do things the same. Why not get that experience from countries that were way beyond your comfort zone.

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