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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Top Tips for Parents Traveling with Kids in 2017

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With summer approaching, it is time to pull out the suitcases and start planning your next holiday with the family. To this end, you will need a couple of actionable tips for parents traveling with kids to ensure that you are well prepared for the adventures ahead.


If you are planning a long road trip with the children, you need to pack well. Therefore, you should remember to have a small bag with a change of clothes (factoring in spills and the like), toothbrushes, PJs, and everything else you and your family will need.

If there's room left over, add in your children's blankets especially if you will not be coming back home the same day. After all, kids tend to like their things – especially if they are sleeping in a strange room.

Similarly, you need to remember that toddlers and babies tend to spit up, spill, and drop. As such, you need to bring a box of wipes and a roll of paper towels along to make cleanup easier. Use the following checklist while packing for a holiday with kids.

The Ride

To ensure your children survive the road trip, carry some snacks. Having something to chomp on will keep people busy with something interesting to do. As long as you take healthy snacks – think fruit, juices, and the like – you won't end up making thousands of stopovers for food before you get to your holiday destination.

To beat the boredom, load a couple of favorites on your iPod and carry some of your children's CDs. On long road trips, especially, a portable DVD player will prove to be a lifesaver.

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Making Stops


Factor in the time you'll need to stop over once in a while. Remember, you'll need to take breaks for stretching, diaper changes, and feedings. By planning ahead, these stops will take shorter than if you hadn't prepared for them.


Since your entire family – almost everyone you care about and love – will be in the same car. As such, you should get the best insurance available on the market, but at the most affordable cost.

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Baby Luggage and Gear

With space restrictions, how are going to get your baby's luggage and gear to your destination? The options will vary depending on the location where you will be vacationing.

When it comes to such essentials as formula, wipes, and diapers, the secret is to carry light. After all, the price of these baby products doesn't vary from one location to the next.

Similarly, ensure that you map out your journey – taking care to make stopovers in towns and roadside shops where you can buy baby products at the same price as you would if you were at home.

Concluding Thoughts

To come to a close, the above tips for parents traveling with kids will certainly come in handy. As long you plan ahead, you should end up having a great road trip and holiday with minimal distractions from your main goal – having fun, quality time with those you love.

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