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Easy Travel Hacks: Tips To Save Time And Reduce Stress

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Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve traveled to Dallas, Orlando, LA twice and China. When I tell you that I fly a lot… I mean it. It’s part of my job and I love what I do, but packing can be a TEST. Throughout the years, I’ve learned a few tricks and wanted to show you some of my favorite travel hacks just in case you were looking to tweak your methods.

The Airport:

It’s impossible to find an empty outlet at the airport these days, right? Especially considering most people own multiple devices. Pack a surge protector in your carry on bag and ask to swap your plug for someone who is already charging his / her phone. If you are traveling with your family, you’ll have enough outlets to go around for the entire crew. If you are traveling alone… prepare to make a lot of friends! You will forever be known as the “Bringer of Energy” at Gate 20.

Beauty Products:

I pack my beauty items – liquids, powders, and pastes – in Chinese food containers. I do this for two reasons. They are stackable. This means when I get to my hotel, I can place all my goods together and in one place in the bathroom. You won’t have to line everything up as you would if you used a plastic bag to transfer your beauty products. The other reason why I love these containers is they prevent spillage while in my suitcase. If something accidentally opens up, the leak is contained and my clothes are kept neat and dry.

Plus it gives me more reason to eat lo mein.

Traveler Pro Tip: Instead of packing and repacking your beauty bags, create a replica and keep it stored. I have a travel beauty bag that contains seconds of everything. This eliminates the risk of forgetting something. When I have to take short trips, I just grab my beauty travel bags and pack them knowing that everything is ready and in place. There’s nothing to check!

The Kids:

This will feel a little Type-A in the very beginning, but I am hoping to win you over by the end. Listen, you already pick out complete outfits for your children when you pack for a vacation. You choose tops and bottoms that match and then you fold them away into your luggage. I’m recommending one tiny, extra step. Put each outfit in a storage bag – including underwear and socks – and have the kids choose one each morning while getting dressed. You’ll be thrilled with everyone’s outfits on a daily basis and this method guarantees clean underwear every day of the trip. #woot

* Remember: Opt for the gallon size and bring them home when you are done with the trip. These bags are clean and can be reused!

Cleaning Tips:

I like to bring along a few extra garbage bags with me when I go on vacation. I use them to store my dirty laundry as I fly back home. They’re also nice to have just in case the family bring in food from an outside restaurant. If it’s too late and you’ve missed the cleaning service, you can get rid of all your mess and throw it away down the hall. There’s no point to sleeping with the smell of nachos all night in your room.

What? Am I the only one that loves late-night nachos?

Two-in-one tip: Facial cleansing wipes clean a lot more than your pores. I sometimes use them to clean my shoes and bags if they get dirty while I am on the road. You don’t have all the amenities of home while you are away, but you can make due with what’s in your luggage. You just have to think outside the box… I mean carry on.

Better safe than sorry: Most luggage bags have an outside pocket. I ALWAYS pack a large, empty duffle bag with me when I hit the road. I use that bag to bring back my dirty laundry and bulkier items like my shoes, and blow dryer. If you don’t use it – great! No harm done by bringing it along. But if you need the extra space because you overdid it in the souvenir department, you will regret not packing one.

Those are my tips! Do you have any that you’d like to share? I’m ALWAYS up to hearing some new ones! Please leave your tips in the comments below.

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