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Travel tips for single parents who are going abroad with their little ones

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It has long been noticed that single travelers or for that matter, the single parent travelers have always been on the short end of all package deals for traveling because it all boils down to money. The travel agencies are there to make money and they’re pretty aware of how two adult travelers will spend more money in buying rather than a single parent or a single person.

So, if you’re all set to travel to the US, are you done with your application ESTA for US? If you’re a single parent who wants to avoid being on the receiving end of the travel agencies while traveling to the US, you can form a team with other parents who are traveling along to share responsibilities. Here are few travel tips for single parents.

  • Make sure you settle with the perfect lodging
  • Choose to carry your car seat along with you
  • Update your medical kit for traveling
  • Get travel insurance coverage

Remember that the lodging that you choose can either make or break your tour that you plan with your kids. While you choose to stay in a hotel, ensure that they have got an option of a crib in case you think your kid requires it. There are several hotel sites which let parents to streamline their search as per ‘kid-friendly’ features and there are few cruise lines and resorts which offer special discounts which waive off any supplementary fee.

While abroad, you may have to either rent a car or taxis for traveling from one place to another and you can’t count on a comfortable car seat being available. In most countries, laws which bind car seats are lax and it is then that you will repent carrying your personal car seat. Though that may mean too much of luggage for a single parent but you can look for those that have backpack straps.

Travel experts often recommend all travelers, particularly those who head abroad to have a medical kit which contains all the best medications which are required. Since you’re traveling as a single parent, you won’t get the opportunity to send the other parent for getting medicines. Hence, it is always better and wise to carry your own medicines to avoid any kind of mess during an illness.

Just as it is impossible to visit the US without a US Visa, it is also not smart enough to travel without the adequate coverage on travel insurance policy. This is the only area through which you can save your dollars. For the single parent, it is vital to realize that even though there are no concerns about trip cancellation; kids should be considered as the primary reasons behind cancellations of trips. Travel insurance coverage is therefore a must.

Therefore, when you’re a single mom who’s traveling to the US all alone with your kid, you should take into account the above mentioned travel safety tips to ensure a safe trip.

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