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Top Steps You Should Take If Your Kid Gets Injured Abroad

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Travelling abroad will always be exciting. Discovering new cultures, new traditions, new people - that could definitely be the experience of a lifetime. You know what makes it more exciting? Not travelling with your parents!

As a parent, knowing that your kid is travelling in a different country without your supervision can be nerve-wracking. Anxiously staying around the house waiting to hear from him/her is not an option. Reduce your torment and prepare yourself and your kid for the most unexpected and unpleasant events.

Here are the top steps you should take if your kid gets injured abroad.

Better be safe than sorry

Make sure you prepare yourself and your kid in case of an injury abroad. Protect him/her with a travel insurance. Research your options beforehand.

Usually, if your child travels with the school or a sports team, most likely, the trip organizer has an insurance plan for the whole group. But if he/she travels individually, setting your own protection might be a good idea.

Take into account the destination and its current socio-politic status. Make sure your safety plan includes medical security or evacuation coverage.

Contact the emergency services

In most of the countries around the world, the emergency services can be reached at one of the following phone numbers: 999, 112, or 911. Make sure your kid knows them well before travelling.

Also, make sure you give them the contacts of your nation’s embassy in the country they travel. If they will find themselves the victim of an accident or of an assault, the embassy staff will be able to guide them and inform you.

Teach them to gather evidence of the accident

In case of an accident, once the emergency services were contacted and your kid received appropriate medical attention, it is essential to gather as much evidence as possible.

If their health condition allows it, they should:

• Take pictures of the scene of the incident, the cause of the damage, and their own injuries (before and after medical treatment)

• Write down a report - take notes of everything that happened and caused the injuries in as much detail as possible;

• Make sure they get the contact details of any witnesses. They might be needed later on to establish culpability or in case of a trial;

• Obtain a copy of the doctor’s report, including details about the injuries, days of hospitalization, and treatment.

• Keep all the receipts

Make sure the incident is reported

First, everything needs to be reported to the local authorities. The unhappy event must be properly recorded. Secondly, if your kid travels in a group, make sure you report everything to the holiday organizer.

If your child was harmed at the hotel or in a road traffic accident, the severity of the incident might be a matter of life and death. As we all know, car accidents and slipping on wet surfaces are the main causes of head injuries.

First, make sure your kid is okay and announce the local authorities. Then look for a Head and Brain Injury Attorney and seek advice. You might be entitled to some compensation. A qualified lawyer will help you make a strong injury claim. Be aware that the claim will be made in the country of residence and not in the country where the incident happened.

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