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'Tis the season of survival

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I ate sushi for dinner tonight.

And, no lie, I anticipate a late-night snack from dear ole' Mickey D's.

Last night was a pizza dinner followed by the original (tonight will be the leftovers) 1 am McDonald's order.

I wasn't even drunk when I beckoned UberEats.

It was a total


Friday night,

six months into a pandemic

late-night purchase.

Did I need that last night? No.

Did I need to gorge on more of it tonight? No.

But this virus and the havoc it has wreaked on my normal,
it's got me acting crazy.

So crazy that I ran two miles this morning.

On a Saturday.

After having many a drink and a good time with family the night before.

After waking up at 7 am with the kiddies,


on less than 5 hours of sleep.

Listen, for many of us,

2020 ain't gonna be the year of us

dieting and losing 20 lbs,

climbing the ladder at work,

working at all,

killin' it at home,

or showing up for everyone and everything.






But what is going to happen

— if you're anything like me —

is you're gonna

slip on your regimen,

lower your expectations,

decrease your self-imposed restrictions,

and come to terms with,

in life,

there being seasons of mere survival

and this unbelievable, surreal year being one of them.

Whether you're working or not,

living in a kid-packed home or a kid-less one,

whether your kids are

distance learning,

being homeschooled

or attending their brick and mortar,

whether you've been keeping up with and giving your all

or your are like so very many of us and you have lost it all,

and your marbles, too,

it's gonna even out.

You're gonna get back to

who you want to be,

what you wish to your every day to look like,

how you want to spend your all of your days,

and the fruits of your everyday labor,

they are going to look a bit more impressive than the physical and mental pounds you've taken on since March.

It's easy for your train to jump track, and it's normal for you to be concerned about it.

I'm just here to tell you that the majority of the rest of us,


we're off-course too.

So in you're in good company,

and I'm offering you up

a socially distanced air-high-five

and reminding you that

though you're not who you are during a pandemic,

you also don't need to be ashamed of who that is;

'cause whether you're on a distance and pace-setting run

or your 2nd Big Mac,




and worthy of all the blessings coming your way here soon.


I promise you,

they are coming.

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