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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

If you're feeling the weight of 2020 holiday decisions, you are not alone

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You're feeling it, right?

The weight of your decisions this holiday season.

The anxiety.

The stress.

The fear.

But also the joy.

The peace.

That comes from reconnecting with those you've been apart from for so long.

Are you making the right choices?

Are you making the wrong ones?

It's hard to know what/if any consequences your actions will have if you decide to gather with your loved ones this year.

It's hard to know what, if any, consequences your actions will have if you decide not to gather with your loved ones this year.

The future is not promised, and all you have is now.

But if you're not careful in the now, then there may not be that future or, and I can't believe I'm saying this, that person.

It's confusing as hell,

and it's a fudgin' feat to not crumble under the pressure every one of us is feeling today, tomorrow, Thursday, and, really, well, every pandemic-plagued day.

Do you know what's not so hard, though?

Trusting God.

Putting faith in him that he will watch over you and yours.

Trusting yourself.

To make smart decisions. To distance when necessary. To mask-up when you feel you should. To stay outdoors if/when possible.

Trusting those around you.

That they, too, are being wise.

And trusting your heart, believing that it will guide you through this sh*tty, frustrating, way less than even seemingly normal season and that you'll come out on the other side,
not just in one-piece,

but also fully knowing and being able to wholeheartedly avow that you are making the right decisions FOR YOU and your immediate family.

And that he is making the ones he needs to for him,

and that she is making the ones she needs to for her.

And that every American in this country,
whether choosing to hermit the hell up or get the hell out of their home.

is just trying to survive --

by way of in-person shared love
or thanks to distanced-but not diminished love.

You're feeling it, right?

The weight of this holiday season?

And it feels like a flippin' stack of bricks on your back, doesn't it?

And, if that's the case, just remember this --

though the burdens we feel seem so capable of crushing us,
we are,
when present,

not blinded,

not numbing,

and tuned-in to our blessings and the love around us,

innately uncrushable.

Challenges can only take us down if we allow them to.

Here's a general permission slip to tell your worries to take a hike and to sit harmoniously with the decision you've made on how to spend your Thanksgiving.

Now grab a plate,

fill it up,

fill your heart with gratitude,

then when go to wash it,
be sure to wash away your inaccurate belief that the rest of this year will deliver to you anything more than you are capable of handling.

You've got this, and people have got you, I promise that.
So reach out to someone if you need to be reminded, but please know that you are loved, doing great, and your health and the health and wellness of those you love is being prayed for.

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