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Pandemic or no pandemic, your worth is inherent and non-diminishing

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There is only one thing you need to be sure of in uncertain times, and that's your worth.

It's unchanging.

Whether you still have your job or you've lost it as a casualty of this pandemic.

Whether you're giving your job 110% or whatever you've got left after homeschooling your kids or tending to and caring for loved ones.

Whether you're present, but not, or present, but wishing you were elsewhere.

Whether you complain, whine and vent or save those words and tears that so often accompany them for the shower or for when you can get behind a closet door.

Whether you're serving your family healthy made-from-scratch meals each day or dino nuggets and corn dogs on rotation.

Whether you're sleeping in or waking up early like the most successful people supposedly do.

Whether your house is spotless or there isn't a clean, uncluttered section to be found.

Whether you tire easily or go right up until your battery spontaneously dies.

Whether you cry in the car on the way to and from work or you spend that time losing yourself in self-help podcasts.

Whether you're social distancing like a boss or you're extremely tired of social distance being YOUR boss.



Pre-Corona time, most of us were already questioning ourselves on the daily,

contemplating our purpose,

and basing our value to our families, friends, and the world on our productiveness level.

Now, in times of Corona, we have continued to be that hard on ourselves and have added the extra pressure of being a pro-pandemic-handler.

Stop it.

Really, please stop it.

It's dumb.

Not you.

Not ever.

But the notion that you, this perfectly flawed, authentic and beautiful human being needs to be and stay in calm control and oozing with confidence and gratitude when your world as you knew it no longer exists, that's dumb.

And it's a waste of your precious time.

The time with which I want you (and me), from here on out, to spend fully aware of and humbled by our inherent, non-diminishing value.

Even on the days that are hard.

Even on the days we are lazy.

Even when we’re anxious.

Even when sh*t's hitting the fan.

Even then.

All the time.

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