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Time…it’s a funny thing

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Time…I always thought there was more time.
Time… it’s a funny thing…
always moving forward, never looking back.

My days are not slipping away with my children but rather moving faster.
One just left for college and another daughter is sending in her applications tonight. Where did the time go?

Time…I always thought there was more time.

One moment my towhead little girl sucking her thumb, while ever so slightly caressing her nose, and today, she’s hopping in a car to drive herself to school, donning a crop top while carrying her lap top.

Time… I always thought there was more time.

Where did the Princess Belle yellow dress go?

The crunchy tool underlay scratching her legs as she squealed, “Mama,it’s so itchy”, every day for almost a year.

Morning and night, glimpses of yellow ran throughout the house.

Yellow glazed the morning sky while riding her big girl bike up and down the driveway.

Her yellow hair and yellow dress became a staple of who she was, a little girl living in a world of pretend.

A magical world surrounded by delight and wonder.

A world as light and airy as the dress flowing behind her.

Time… I always thought there was more time.

Now the Belle dress hangs in the attic closet to be brought down in those moments of nostalgia, to travel back in time, to memories lost and to regain a glimmer of what once was.

As the computer screen tonight shines the words “sent” to the future set out before her, may the Belle dress remain a distant memory close to her heart, of a childhood overflowing with love, light and Belle singing softly in her mind as she gracefully pedals her way down the driveway.

Time… I always thought there was more time.


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