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The Toothbrush War

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Do you ever have a feeling like you are doing it all wrong?

That moment when you are crying on the bathroom floor next to the toilet brush, and a pile of dirty clothes. Your kids are looking at you like you done lost you mind, somewhere between making breakfast, and tying shoes?

All you wanted was for him to take the toothbrush in his hand, and scrub just a few of his teeth? "Look, I even put the strawberry flavored toothpaste on it"

when in your mind, you are thinking"take the damn toothbrush child!!!! Taaaaake iiiiiiiiiiitttttt!!!!!"

Calculating options in your I sit on him, and brush his teeth? How will that effect the rest of our day? Will he tell his teacher? Will cps come knocking on my door over dental hygiene?

Should I just say forget it?

When is he supposed to see the dentist again anyways? I should really check my voicemails... I bet that office has called like 7 times....

He finally laughs at you, and takes the toothbrush just in time to catch his ride for school.

I just wasted 20 minutes of my life over a freaking toothbrush.

A. Freaking. Toothbrush.

I don't remember my mom ever having to lose her shit over anything so stupid. I swear I just did what I was told...I was clearly an angel.

Now back to my kids... Is its me? Do I just care too much? We've already decided that I am in fact a helicopter mom. Maybe I need to just let them leave with stinky breath? Maybe I need to stop caring sooooooooo much.

They are fed. They are cleanish. Their homework is done-ish.

I suppose I have to let them make some mistakes... Which is super super hard for this helicopter, hovering, control freak, SMOTHER.

So if you see my children out in 38 degree weather in basketball shorts, or un-brushed hair, just know that I didn't have it in me to fight that day, and move along.

I need more morning smiles, silly talk, hugs, kisses, and laughter.

I need to hear about the dreams they had the night before, and what they are looking forward to in their day.

I need to let go a little....and it is so, so hard.

I'm still trying this whole gentle challenge thing too, and I'll be honest, it's hard.

Like really really hard.

I've caught myself some times, but other times, like this morning...I was not as gentle as I would have liked to be.

I've caught myself some times, but other times, like this morning...I was not as gentle as I would have liked to be.

Today I will....

  • Deep breaths. I know it's so cliche, but it does help when you are about the lose you cool.
  • Walk away. Lock yourself in the bathroom and take a breather. Bonus points if you remember to bring your coffee with you, it's like a mini vacation! Just turn the fan on, and ignore it all for a few minutes.
  • Tell yourself it's not the end of the world. Nobody will die today because your kid has cheerio breath.
  • Stay organized. I swear, organization is the key to happiness with parenting.
  • Try to smile more. You will either look super freaky, or trick yourself into thinking you are happy. Win win?

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